Thermosiphoning air panel question

steve22802January 1, 2007

Hi all,

I'm trying to add some solar air heating to my older house and I need some advice. I saw a simple design for a vertical Thermosiphoning air panel (TAP) in a book and I thought it might be interesting to try making one on the south side of my house. I have a nice double paned sliding glass door (76x35 inches) to use for the glazing and I thought I might be able to use this to both replace an old window and make a TAP. So my question is, if I'm using this sliding door to make a larger window does it make sense to make the bottom half into a TAP and leave the top half open to see out or would I get the same heat game if I just made one big tall window without the TAP on the bottom half?

You can see a similar TAP on the web here:

Thanks for any advice,


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