Best window type for south side of sunroom?

bryan11January 19, 2010

What kind of glass is best for the south facing windows of a sun room in a climate with hot summers and cold winters?

A few sunroom companies are saying low-e, double pane windows are best for everything and show a demo of how a UV lamp transmits very little heat through the glass. I'd like the south windows to have maximum heat gain.

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If you want the highest heat gain, then look for windows with the highest SHGC --this will be listed in the window spec or on the label. This will likely end up being a window with no low e coating at all.

If you do go for a window with a low e coating (which will improve R value, and reduce heat loss), be aware that some low e coats intended for hot climates also absorb a lot of sunlight, and have very low SHGCs, while the other form of low e coating for cold climates allows more solar gain -- but not as much as a window with no low e coating at all.

The attached URL for the Efficient Windows site has a lot of good information and some window selection tools.


Here is a link that might be useful: Efficient Windows Collaborative

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Thanks much. That and a bit of studying made all this make sense now.

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