Home Automation on Lower Budget.. Legrand Unity vs. Leviton Omni

njbuilding143June 18, 2014

Ok.. So we are building our home and thinking of adding in a home automation system but with a lower budget in mind.. We don't need "extreme" automation but rather like the idea of having a whole house audio system, intercom, door/patio cameras, and control over some of the lighting.. I went to a control4 dealer and mentioned what I was looking for an he was already saying at minimum I was looking at over 20k.. Reason I even went to control4 was because I heard it was more on the lower end.. So with that in mind I went back to researching and found two systems that may be in my budget.. The first was the Legrand OnQ Unity System and the other was going with the Leviton OmniPro..

Unity system you get whole house audio, intercom, lighting, and cameras.. From what I have found online you can get an 8 room package for 7k but I would need a little more as I wanted more zones but from my research it looks like it can be had for under 10k and thats going with an ultimate system.. Literally speakers in every room, audio control in every room and intercom in almost every room.. Plus having like 4 lcd displays.. The only downfall to this system is I am not sure what kind of remote access it has.. I wold like a system that I can control music and lights from my iphone or ipad..

The Leviton Omni system looks like it will be a bit more expensive but also incorparates a full alarm system.. I am still doing my research on this system so I dont have too much information..

Anyway.. I was hoping that maybe some of you on here might have some input.. We are honestly looking to keep the system at 10k or lower..

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Both control4 and Lutron (Radio RA2) have starter home automation packages below 1k. Control4 has to be installed by a dealer, while you might be able to assemble a RadioRA2 system.

However, no dealers would consider any jobs Then there is the issue of reliability of signal propagation- will the remote light always light up at the first press?

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I am in a similar situation with our new home build. With 'everything else' needed in the home, the AV budget is tight. It looks like the Legrand Unity system is a good option overall but reviews hard to find. Amazon has some reviews on the individual pieces. I like the fact that it is a Cat 5 based system. It looks like you can now add wireless capability to build on the basic system http://www.soundandvision.com/content/whole-home-audio-rest-us

There were some negative reviews here at a audiophile AV forum http://www.avsforum.com/forum/162-home-automation/1596145-looking-input-onq-legrand-unity-home-automation-system.html

but those folks are a bit more picky.

I would be interested in more information as well. My builder's AV guy also gave me the option of home running speakers to a receiver/amplifier for limited cost. It would be a 2 zone system with one zone being our home theater/media room. The problem is that the whole house is the other zone so everyone would have to listen to the same thing....not a great option.

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I just found another option for whole house Audio...HTD Lync see their website

apparently a direct seller of speakers, audio/video systems...good reviews from what I have found and cost effective

Here is a link that might be useful: HTD

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I wait for the next generation of home automation if you can. It going be all Wi-Fi and Apple is going be taking the lead on this front as well as their competitors: Google and Microsoft!

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