DO NOT hire this guy!

cas66ragtopAugust 3, 2011

I think this could be classified as a "paint" post, but the "home disasters" definitely works too.

I saw this story and thought it was funny. To the victim it wasn't very funny, but now that he has time it will also be a funny story even he can tell.

If you need painting done around your house, you may want to think twice before hiring this guy!

Frederick man charged in medieval battle ax attack

By The Associated Press

1:01 PM EDT, August 3, 2011


A Frederick painting contractor has been charged with slashing an employee in the forearm with a medieval-style battle ax.

Andrew Scalera, 44, faces a preliminary hearing Aug. 24 into the incident early Monday morning. He didn't return calls to his home or business Wednesday.

The Frederick News-Post reported that the victim told police he was doing some paperwork at Scalera's house when Scalera accused him of stealing quarters from his bedroom.

The man said he denied the allegation but Scalera became enraged and choked him. He said Scalera then went back to his bedroom and returned with the ax.

He contends Scalera hit him with the weapon as he was trying to spray him with pepper spray.

Court records state the 2-inch gash chipped a bone in the victim's arm.


If this is the most damage this guy can inflict with a battle axe, I really pity the guy when he gets to prison!

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It would be funny if it wasn't so serious.

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The guy gets so angry because some quarters were missing, and he chooses to attack with a battle axe? Out of all the possible weapons, and he chooses a battle axe? Just the fact that the guy even owns a battle axe is funny. This is like the scene in "Cable Guy" where Jim Carey attacks Mathew Broderick - I can even hear the Star Trek music playing! Of course it's funny.

All the guy had to do was call the police and report a theft. The police may not want to bother arresting a guy over a few quarters, but still all he had to do was fire the guy. Over and done with, hire a new employee and get on with your life.

Instead, he chooses to go totally bonkers, and the employee is now in the clear. In the very least, he now faces assault and battery charges, but may actually be facing attempted murder charges. The employee can also sue him and take a whole lot more money from him than just a few quarters.

I would have never posted this had the victim been more seriously injured. This guy will heal quickly and his life will go back to normal in no time. And yes, even he will be telling this story to all his friends and getting lots of laughs - all because of how absurd it all was.

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What is absurd is that you think it is funny to be hit with a battle axe, that it was NOT a serious injury and that you can predict that victim will heal quickly and laugh at it...

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No, what is absurd is someone knowing exactly what I am talking about, pretending that they have never laughed at anything like this, and then acting holier than thou and trying to make me look bad. Sorry, but the guilt trip will not work.

I never said it was funny someone got hurt. I did not think I had to go into great detail to explain that.

My brother, sister, my friends and I used to do all kinds of stupid stuff that resulted in one of us getting hurt. Funny at the time? No. Funny maybe a couple days (or less) later? Definitely! And guess what - we survived many injuries greater than a 2 inch gash.

Why do you think the Associated Press circulated that story nationwide? Because it was horrendously shocking? Partly, but also because it was humorous. Don't expect me to believe you didn't find some humor there - I'm not buying it.

Learn not to take life so seriously.

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