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aka_raeanneMay 18, 2009

come out, come out wherever you are!

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Things are bad when I get to start the thread.

I hope everyone is recuperating from a fun filled exciting weekend. My weekend was actually on the boring side, but I am not complaining as that may not happen again until after the summer.

Check in and let us know what you are up to.

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Happy Monday!

The graduation was wonderful....lots of happy tears here. My niece has turned into such an extraordinary young lady. I felt OK but not 100% of course. We left Friday evening about 6:45 to avoid rush-hour traffic, and I was in bed by 9:00pm under my fluffy comforter.

Spent the rest of the weekend in bed after my chest xray. Should get results tomorrow or Wednesday.

Raeanne, I could not believe the show..Real Housewives of New Jersey. There is nothing "real" or "housewifey" about them! The crazy one who went on the blind date lives in our town. As for the restaurant that the 2 sisters own, it is a wonderful facility with great food. The accents and the hair?! LOL!!!! Maybe I just don't shop where they do. I cannot believe that the people of Franklin Lakes don't roll the eyes when these babes walk into a spa. There's lots of old money up there.

Gotta run to a meeting.

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Good Monday,

Yes, it's pretty bad when you have to start us off Raeanne! LOL Thank you. I still have visions that I will one day come here and no one else will show up ever again.

What has happened to Jen?

I heard from Marci. She is well enough. Her last day of school is Friday and then she is taking "me" time. She will try to post.

DN's graduation was lovely but it was a six hour round trip for us! We did stop and have a lovely dinner halfway home with the family so that broke up the ride home. Fortunately the weather was cool so we weren't all sweltering as usual on graduation day.

Yesterday the weather was horrible. Rainy and high winds. I got nothing done outside or in! I should have cleaned the house but I didn't! Oh well.

Check in everyone!

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This is what always happens. Something happens that throws me off the wagon. This strep is kickin my butt bad.

Today is last day of antibiotic but I'm not feeling at all better - well my throat feels better but the rest of me feels like hit by a truck.

I will call the doctor this afternoon for advice but I'm REALLY mentally bummed to not go to gym. Eating is going relatively good, won't claim it's perfect.

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Trekaren, antibiotics take from 48-72 hours to make you feel markedly better. The next time you are prescribed antibiotics, please call your doctor if you do not feel better in 3-4 days. You may need to take a different kind for your infection. Feel better!

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Good afternoon, everyone! It's actually been very cool for the past couple of days here in Texas.

TreKaren, make sure that you take probiotics now that you've taken all those antibiotics. They really help me so much. Even hubby is taking them along with all of his heart medications and is feeling healthier and happier.

Dee, glad you were able to go to the graduation. Wishing you a great result from your chest x-ray.

Raeanne, good job starting us off today! I also believe that boring times are actually a gift to ourselves.

I had a lot of fun at my convention in Dallas. Loved seeing my oldest son and DDIL, too! Lots of sitting in meetings and non-stop eating while at the convention for which I'm paying today! I had my workout this morning, then went for a pedicure and incredible calf and foot massage which brought my ankles back to normal from swelling.

Suzanne, never will you be all alone here. Not with all the dedicated members around. LOL I'm happy for you that you're able to get out and ride once again after the long winter.

Lots of unpacking and laundry to do. Hubby actually expects a homecooked meal for dinner after being on his own since last Thursday! Hmph!!!

Wishing everyone a successful week!

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Hi, everybody.

milkdud, we're having the same magnificent weather you are having - cool temps, low humidity. Better enjoy it while we have it! I had to wear a jacket this morning on our walk, it was so brisk! Love it.

Well, after 19 weeks, I had my first WW weighin where I didn't lose. I maintained, and the leader said since I had such a big loss last week, it shouldn't be a surprise. It's just a heck of a lot more fun when I lose - ha!

I've got a bruised hip where I overdid my hula hooping yesterday. It's one of those exercise, weighted hoops. I turned on the television and just hooped away. Might have to wait a day or two before I try it again. Bruising is normal when you first get started - but it isn't pretty.

dee and trekaren, sorry that y'all have been under the weather. Get well soon.

suzanne, I need to clean house, too, but when the weather is so nice, the last place I want to be is inside!

We watched "Slumdog Millionaire" last night - what a movie. Can see why it won so many awards!

Have a good week!

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slumdog was a great movie!

I am feeling more like myself today. Finally! But I won't jump into life 100% just yet so my body can heal. Sigh getting old sux!

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Hi everyone, back from a long weekend - catching up on work. Did manage some gardening yesterday after we got in and did drive for 45 minutes on a county road. Not comfortable driving above city speeds yet and still finding 'my spot' on the road. Some idiot appeared infront of me quickly because they were passing on a hill - avoided that and gave DH lots of gray hair (had to drive on gravel shoulder) and then same thing happened when I had to drive around a cyclist. I need more prozac for driving - I swear! I am soooo far behind on working on a license to drive by myself - but I'll get there eventually...if DH doesn't have a heart attack first. At the very least I can drive him to the hospital now....(sorry very bad pun).

Holding at 143. finally dropped below 145. Major goal hurdle approaching at the 140 mark. Major 3 goal hurdle for me. I'm letting my body tell me what healthy weight it wants in my mid 40's. I'd love to maintain anything between 128-135. Anything below 128 is not good for my 5'3" frame. Still in size 14 pants but hopefully by early June I will fit in size 12 which puts me back into a healthy weight/size area. Wow what a long haul this has been so far. But I'm determined. And you will see me here for some time after wards because my BIGGEST challenge over the next few years is maintenance. Reaching your goal is one thing - holding it into healthy lifestyle habit can be another. Besides, I'd miss all of ya and I'm too nosey not to stick around.

Dee and Trekaren do take care. I wish you both a speedy recovery.

During the weekend we saw Star Trek - I LOVED IT and want to see it again. DH is a real trekkie fan and did not like the fact the movie changed the original series story line. I don't care - I'm so missing star trek series I hope this is the beginning of a new tv run or more movies. You don't want to go pee during this movie, believe me.

'Trek'aren - I'm interested to hear your take on this if/when you see it.

Hugs to all of you,

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I went into it knowing it was a 'reboot'. Right now I think it's a creative way to start a new mythology. My daughter has really gotten hooked; Spock just fascinates her.

I think the casting was inspired. I think Simon Pegg is the best of all, followed closely by Zachary Quinto. And Chris Pine makes a great Kirk, and of course, no one could be a better Uhura than Zoe Saldana.

I also loved the sprinkling of references to other shows, which showed a great respect on the part of JJ Abrams for the existing mythology. References to Archer, Pike, others... I want to go see it again to catch more references.

It was like watching Pirates of the Carribean and finding all the Disney ride references.

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Good Wednesday!

Trekaren, I hope you are feeling better today.

Peggy, keep on trucking sister!

Jan, you are doing awesome! Really awesome!

I had a lovely ride this morning with Miss P. Poor Casey was supposed to go but her rider did not show up. I felt so bad to leave her after telling her she was going.

Check in everyone.

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Good morning!

Thanks, Suzanne! I sure didn't feel like getting up to walk at 6:30 this a.m., but did it and feel better because of it.

Well, I've run out of excuses on cleaning house. Yesterday the weather was too beautiful to be inside, so I went to a new nursery someone on the garden forums recommended and bought plants and flowers that kept me busy planting until almost dusk. I love gardening.

I haven't seen the Star Trek movie, but Chris Pine was in a wonderful movie called "Bottle Shock," also starring Bill Pulman, Alan Rickman?, Denis Farina and others, about Napa Valley's humble beginnings in the wine industry. The French really looked down on California wines back then, and Pullman is struggling with his winery, having invested everything in it. It's a feel-good kind of movie. I know it sounds like a snoozefest, but it was very good and had excellent reviews. It's dated back in the early 70's, so Chris Pine, who plays Bill Pullman's free-spirited son, has long, shoulder-length hair. He is one good-looking guy!

Any Dancing with the Stars fans? What an upset finale! American Idol could be interesting, too. They both are so talented in different ways.

Have a good one!

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Hello all,

Wherever you are!! Check in.

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Jan - We saw "Bottle Shock" on the plane to CA last year and I loved it. I really would like to see it again. I never heard that term before that movie.

As much as I loved Adam, Kris has been one of my favorites since the beginning and I am not disappointed that he won - just surprised. What about Kara singing? I was very impressed by her.

Suzanne - Wish I lived close enough to ride Casey for you.

Just a quick check-in, hope all is well with everyone.

Patti - where the heck are you?

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Well this has been one really good week. My blood work came back totally where it should be. That is fantastic !! I am finally sliding downward again after being on a bit of a plateau for about a week. But I usually get a 'whoooosh' when a plateau breaks and this is no exception. Hubby took me out for breakfast and so I skipped lunch entirely. I really didn't mind it as much as I thought I would, and am still not hungry, even after walking today. supper is still up in the air for me. Probably a salad but not sure.
So far this week has been excellent. For an ole bird.


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I'm relapsing a bit - chest hurts when I talk, want to cough but coughing hurts too much.
Went on to urgent care in case the strep was resistant to the antibiotic.

They said what I have now is a virus, sigh. They want me to take a steroid. I picked the steroids up, and will start on them early tomorrow, if I still feel this bad.

But I'm praying that a good night's rest helps me battle back to recovery.

I have only done steroids once, and they are like 20 cups of coffee with me, and believe me, I'm bad enough on my one morning cup LOL

anyway, off to bed.

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Good Friday all,

Hope everyone has a great weekend! Hope all you that don't feel well feel better soon.

My weekend has got off to a wonderful start with my early morning ride! Casey got to come to which is all the better. It is so beautiful to ride from break of dawn into the light with the sun peaking through the trees really low.........ah spring. My favorite!

Raeanne, I wished you lived closer too. Casey would definitely connect with you.

Yes, where is Patti!

Check in if you can.

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I'm working from home because it's too uncomfortable to clear out this congestion at the office. I feel sorry for my office neighbors when they hear me croak and blow my nose! LOL!!!!!

I'm on the road to wellness, and I hope Trekaren is close on my heels.

Raeanne, I've loved Kris since the final 7 or 8, so I'm so happy about it. My first impression comes when I turn from the TV to really listen to their voices. Kris did it for me; Adam was overly dramatic and I would never buy a CD.

Suzanne, I won't volunteer to ride Casey, however, I'll tell you a short story that will amuse you. I've been working on my laptop in my kitchen in front of 3 large windows which look out into the yard. This morning, I saw my first baby bunny ever! Swear to you; I have never seen a baby bunny in 58 years on earth! I fell in love with it; so incredibly cute. I'm sure this love will shortly fade when it grows and begins to eat my veggies! LOL!!!!

OK, I've got to get going here and finish up the week.

QOD: What's on for the long weekend? DH and I plan to finish out the gardening (I'll do what I can) when the weather permits. Tomorrow DH works in the morning, and I have a hair appointment. We plan to grill out on the deck and invite whomever from his family is around (this depends upon how good I feel). For the majority of the weekend, I plan to rest, rest, rest!


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Well, with the sale of the house came TONS of work! We signed the papers on Tuesday morning and have to be out by THIS Saturday night at 11pm! Just Baby V, my college DD, and I had the movers there on Wednesday - a WHOLE ENTIRE 18 wheeler FULL to the top! DD watched the baby and I packed the rest of the stuff. I slept on the floor of the house that night and baby slept in his port-a-crib. Up at 2am to get on the road to get in line for the first ferry to the rock. I dropped Baby off at daycare and headed to the "drop zone." Then a full day of unloading into the garage of our yet unfinished house. We got done at 4pm yesterday and I went to work till 5. I think I fell asleep BEFORE my head hit hit pillow!

Today, it's work. Tomorrow, back to the house for a few runs to the dump and to recycle some of DH's old electronics in the city. Then, load up the remains of whatever's left in the house and wipe out drawers, cupboards, and then and back to the island. The cleaners are coming today to do a good clean beforethe new owners move in. I'm dreading holiday traffic on the way back, but hey!---can't complain---SOLD the house. Yes, at a 60% reduction and after over a year, but it's sold. Sigh. One question--SHould I dig up the St. Joseph or leave it there? lol.

This Sunday, we are going to GO TO THE BEACH and have a weiner roast picnic with another family from school. YAY! A real day off!!!!!!

*********Dee, Trekaren, I hope you feel better.*********

Baby V is on a 20 day course of antibiotics since I took him to the allergist and they think he has had a year long sinus infection, which ALL the other docs I took him to missed dianosing. It appears they are correct, as his nose has cleared up but he is having the worst intestinal issues I've ever seen him have as a result of the antibiotics, but there is only about 5 days left so I will continue and see if the "cure" lasts.

As for Monday, I think I will work on my garage and packing , as the move from our rental to the new house is about 3 weeks away.

Ahhhhhhhhhh. Okay, I'm done. Everyone sounds like life is GOOD! Enjoy the weekend. This week, I have been internet impovrished and no internet when I'm away, so see you guys on Monday.

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Good Friday evening! I can't believe I haven't posted since Monday. What a crazy, busy week I've had, I guess.

(((Get well))) hugs for everyone who needs them, whether you're sick, ailing, achy sore, or just want one! LOL

BJ, you HAVE to dig up St. Joseph and place him in a place of honor in your new home!!! It shows honor and respect for his help in the sell of your old home. Congrats on that and for getting moved out and everything into storage!

QOD: Nothing on the calendar for tonight, but tomorrow hubby and I are going to the Galleria so that I can shoe shop (and return one pair I bought last weekend in Frisco), then out to lunch somewhere that I can eat well on my Atkins-tweaked startup. Dinner and canasta tomorrow evening with our friends, church on Sunday, and celebrating our 11th anniversary 5 days early on Monday.

Folks, I think that I've retrieved my momentum from wherever it's been hiding for the last 9 months!!! I've been eating only meat and low-GI veggies all week (sauteed in olive oil) and lots of lemon water, and I've lost 5 lbs!!! Hubby isn't being inconvenienced by my WOE, so he's fine with it. Going to dinner tomorrow night will be alright because I'll get my regular grilled chicke salad, but our anniversary dinner may be difficult to tweak. Hubby is keeping our destination a secret, so I'll have to do my best wherever we end up.

It's great seeing so many posting this week. Good luck to everyone on your WOE. Stay safe and play safe!

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Hope everyone is having a good Saturday morning. It rained a little here in N. WI last night. DH and I went out for a very early morning breakfast, and now he is off doing Memorial Day stuff (retired military).

I returned this week from visiting my DD and family. What fun I had with the grandkids! Oh, my, how I miss them!

DD kept me on track during my visit. She is a fitness fanatic, exercises everyday, eats well, and looks fantastic. Hard to believe she has five children, including a set of twins, and her last baby weighed almost 11 lbs. Wow!

So although I only lost .8 lb when I went back to WW this week, I was pleased there wasn't a gain. Have to admit I'm feeling unmotivated this week with the exercising. Guess I'm just a little weary from all the travel.

I have another Dr. appt in June, and I'm hoping my blood work comes back improved. My bp is staying in normal range without meds, so I'm grateful for that.

Hope all that aren't feeling well are on the road to recovery. May everyone enjoy the weekend. We're expecting beautiful weather here -- low 70s and sunshine.


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We have been working in the garden this week end. Weeding like crazy. But we got a handle on it. The scales are sloooowly showing some progress, and that is what I want to see. I am hoping to love a total of 5 pounds for the month of May. 5 pounds each month is pretty much my goal and so far so good.
I hope you all are having a wonderful weekend and are feeling good.


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