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lunchlady1948May 29, 2006

Good Morning Ladies!!

CL try to just let yourself get a bit hungrier each time, just not to the straved point. In WW I think they say we should never feel hungry, not sure how to work that if you have very few points left in a day, maybe that is when you need to eat more of the veggie soup~~which I am hoping to make this week:)

I really am not one to be giving suggestions this week:( I finished helping my DD move yesterday, it turned out to be more stuff than we thought. I backed my van up as close to her stairs as possible, which left no room for others to go in or out of the garage area~~~then her and I ran like the wind up and down three flights of stairs getting this stuff moved:) WHEW!!! If I had not lost my weight and gone to CURVES I would not have been able to do it:) That's the good part the bad part is I ate fozen yogurt and 3 peices of pizza later in the day:( Justifiy it by saying look at the work out I got today:( I am bad:(

Today is the last day of my 3 day weekend~~I am doing nothing but grocery shopping today I am so tired from the moving~~~moving is for young folks.

Have a good week!!

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Well, I'm not deserving of offering any suggestions either. Remember that 1.5 pounds that I lost? Well, guess what! It found me again.....better luck this week...

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YIKES!!!! I have not posted since Monday???? Where are you all???

I do not care for Monday holidays it really puts me off~~I like holidays to be on Fridays:) HMMMM I think that I was more tired from moving my DD than I thought:( Tuesday I went to work then CURVES and made dinner for my two (adult) children, enough to last them through Weds since I had a dinner meeting to go to. I do not even remember getting on the computer. Weds was work, CURVES then my dinner meeting~~~I belong to a food service organization that mets once a month, they provide the food, but I am struggling so hard to lose this last pound~~I went by Wendy's got a spinich chicken salad and an iced tea:) YEAH!!! I was so proud of myself and ya know what alot of gals were jealous:)

Today was our regular monthly meeting in the morning, work, then CURVES. I just ate a salad I am so pooped I am in my PJ's. My weigh in is going to be in the morning instead of night tomorrow since we are going for appys and drinks after work for a good bye party for my asst:(

WHEW!!! So what have you all been up too?????

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Hey - I just typed a long message but for some reason it didn't get accepted - it made me log in again instead! So I gotta get ready for work now - I'll be back later!

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CL I have have had that happen to makes you grumpy~~~usually it is my best message ever :)

Sitting her sipping only tea for my breakfast waiting to go weigh in:)

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YAHOO!!!! I made my GOAL yesterday!!! Did ya know on maintence you get 4 extra points a day:) Now I have to hold it there for 6 long weeks~~~if when I go in this Friday I have gained, they take away 2 points:( She says now they try and help me see how many points a day I can handle.

Now for me the real work begins~~~maintaining!! I am at the point I have to buy new pants, my tops are fine since I like them a bit bigger. But, I did try on some 'right' sized pants yesterday and they do look way better, alot better in fact. I just do not want to buy alot~~~see I am afraid I will not be able to keep this off. That is negative and I need to stop that!! But, how????

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Congratulations Lunchlady - that is TERRIFIC! YEA for you! Congratulations on your right sized pants! I think you do need at least one new top so you have a whole new outfit. You can do it - those of us who are still working on getting to goal are counting on you to be our role model! How's that for no pressure? :)

I'm cleaning out my extra room (which is really a huge storage closet) today so that I'm keeping busy and away from the kitchen this weekend. I think it's downright sinful how much "stuff" we all collect that we don't really need.

Unfortunately I moved a big box and found an area of mold underneath (that darling cat is no longer with us). So now I can add ripping the carpet out to my list of things to do. But I'll wait for my son to come home from his dad's so he can tackle that. He likes to do things that require brute strength, fortunately.

I'm happy to report I finally got in some exercise last evening with a friend and this morning solo (walking). I so enjoyed it and hope I will have the good sense to make it a habit.

Have a good weekend everyone, and congratulations again, Goalie!

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CL I do think that housework is at times more work than exercise. Yesterday I started cleaning out my closet~~~I am getting rid of all of my work pants they look bad on me and they are about 8 or more years old, so I feel OK getting rid of them:)I will buy new ones when it starts getting cold again, that is if it ever does:)So that leaves me with several pairs of pants that now fit just right, a few maybe a bit baggy but I like them like that. I am so excited now I can wear most of my cute shirts:)

I was telling my DH that our WW's leader says it is better to get rid of your old clothes that do not fit, keeping them is like giving yourself permission to gain weight?? He does not believe that do you??? I do. So out they go~~~they are old anyway so I do not care!!!!!

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