Blown cellulose - install without machine??

razlJanuary 14, 2008

I installed blown in cellulose in my attic using the free machine rental from HD. However, I'm estimating that I'm about 4-5 bags short.

Is there any way to "fluff" this stuff up without have to lug that heavy machine back in the attic?

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I think you probably need the blower to break up the cellulose.

While I'm not a fan of fiberglass insulation, I suppose you might finish up the small part that is left with FG bats?

Or, you could get more cellulose than you need, and just add more insulation to areas that are already "done" to make it worthwhile getting the blower?


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lug the heavy machine inthe attic? you did it the hard way. you leave the machine onthe ground and run the hose into the attic! person onteh ground feeds, you blow.

you could do it by hand, but it would take forever. just pull a few handfulls out and toss them wher eyou need them.

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Well, to be truthfull, I had my brother with me when we installed it. It was easy enough for the 2 of us to bring it up the attic pull-down stairs. I wanted to be able to see him so we could visually communicate.

Anyways, by hand is a little difficult. It comes in compressed and you have to break it up and fluff it. Kinda like the way peat moss is sold in plastic "bricks" but much much denser.

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