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joe_mnMay 2, 2006

I think most folks loose a lot of weight at first due to water loss. than the weight loss slows down. or stops? I tried atkins 3 yrs ago. I am a mid 40's male, 6'-1", 290 lbs. I work out 4 times/week. I consider myself fairly active but have bad eating habits. weight loss initial 3 months. 30lbs/20lbs/20lbs. for a total of 70lbs in 3 mos. kept it off for about 1 yr and than put it all back on. started atkins 10 weeks ago and have lost 40lbs so far. I think I am eating more than before and thats why i am behind my original pace. I also think I lost fewer lbs the 1st month and picked up the pace the 2nd month. not sure why.

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70lbs in 3 months sounds like alot. I have always heard it is easier for men to lose than women?? And the more you have to lose the more you will lose in the beginning and then it will taper off, not sure if that is true or a myth?

I do think it is so hard to maintain weight loss after you get off the main program, I have always had that problem too.

Just keep working at it and drink alot of water and no white foods!!

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about 10ys ago i had a bodyfat analysis done at my healthclub and went from 255 down to 215 in 13 weeks and I only lost 1 lb of lean mass during that time. I was pretty happy with that session. Its funny that the weight I stopped at was slightly above average and my bodyfat was about 15% than. I never seem to go below 10% when I diet. I still have a good physique under all my extra padding.

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That is good Joe. What type of club do you go to?? My son and husband belong to 24 Hour Fitness. Husband works out 5 days a week has since he was 18 and he is an old gray haired guy now. My son does 3X's a week and bikes about once a week and does a martial arts class 2x's a week. They wear me out just watching them leave for all of that, I go to Curves as many times a week as I can at least 3.

How much do you want to lose??? What is the maintence program like with Atkins?? Maybe you could add running or jogging I hear that helps alot to keep the weight off.

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I'm 250 now and am shooting for 210. I am at the "in between" stage now so my chubby clothes are too loose and I cannot fit into my skinny clothes. I do have a fair amount of clothes from my session 3 yrs ago. Have not worn them for awhile. If I can only learn to limit my food intake once I reach my goal. ha, that is saying alot. dieting is easy because you know its only temporary. its the "after diet" phase which is hard.

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YUP! The maintence is hard, I think we have to step up on the actvity then

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