Black Widows

hornsgt1August 8, 2002

We have had black widows outside and in our garage since we moved in about a year ago. We sprayed a stone wall in the yard that was infested and they seem to have left that, but we can't get rid of them in the garage.

We set off a bomb and stopped seeing them for a couple of weeks but now they are back again. They seem to be in the wall in the garage (While sweeping, I pulled a nest out of the bottom of the drywall and I have seen the spiders come out from the wall).

I am thinking maybe the bomb isn't getting inside the wall. We have spray we can put outside but I am wondering if this will just drive the spiders farther up the wall and into the house.

Any ideas to get rid of these critters once and for all?

Any suggestions are appreciated.


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Are you using a bomb for spiders? Many sprays that kill insects do not kill spiders. Spiders are not insects. They are arachnids.

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The bomb and the spray we have is suppose to kill black windows. We checked that before we bought them.

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