How efficient to throw insulation in attic randomly?

chuehJanuary 16, 2010

My brother-in-law claimed that throwing additional insulation randomly in attic could cut the energy bill in half.

Of course, I believe that yes more insulation the better, but you don't just THROW insulation RANDOMLY all over the place in attic, right? At least putting the addition insulation on top of where the existing insulation, if I were to do it. How would you do it?

Does it really cut the energy in half by doing so/.


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You definitely won't cut your energy bill in half by adding more insulation to an already insulated attic. You'll reduce your bill, but probably by something closer to 10-15%. For most people, that would pay for the insulation in a few years.

As for "throwing insulation" does he mean blowing loose insulation? If so, that is a perfectly reasonable way to add insulation. If you are going to use batt insulation, you would want to lay it over the existing insulation in the opposite (perpendicular) direction.

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Ok, I see. Yes, I have loose insulation, so what he referred to was probably also loose insulation. Thank you

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