Exclusive TV Guide Channel Gone?

candlerJune 26, 2009

A couple years back I bought a Panasonic 42" plasma. I was surprised, and happy, it had a dedicated TV Guide channel exclusively to acquire program information. It was not the commercial ladened channel most of us see.

I no longer have the dedicated channel. I have the buttons on my clicker that should enable it but it doesn't show up. I don't have any idea what happened.

I'll appreciate whatever help I can get. Thanks, Gene

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This is no help except to report you are not alone. Someone reporting on a site called pricegrabbers complained that the TV Guide Channel sporadically didn't work. I found no date on the comment but it appeared to be significantly in the past.

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I think that the digital change over may have killed that channel. Are you on antenna or cable?

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Hello, again. I live just outside Asheville, N. C. and subscribe to Charter Cable. I've viewed some Net forums and tried a thing or two to get my on screen TV Guide. It didn't work. I e-mailed Panasonic (my TV). Their reply said to call them which I did this morning.

You're right that the problem is likely a result of the analog/digital change over. A piggy back signal to run the proprietary TV Guide channel use to come on PBS. Within the past year that piggy back signal was switched over to CBS.

Panasonic suggested I do a couple of things to try to revive my TV Guide. I did that but it takes 24 hours to know if it will work.

Even before hearing from Panasonic I e-mailed WSPA (CBS) coming on Charter. They have not responded. However, I've seen on their channel, as well as WLOS (ABC) and maybe others, the message saying they have encountered problems with the analog/digital change over that likely won't be resolved for a long time.

Good luck to all of us. Gene

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Charter has discontinued the TV guide before without announcement or anything. In central Nevada a few years back they just up and discontinued it for one county only. Persons in surrounding counties could still get it.

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