WW's Support Monday 5/15~Sunday 5/21

lunchlady1948May 15, 2006

Good morning~~~~hope everyone had a fun weekend???? I did went to a picnic on Sat for a babe's first b-day with my older daughter and her family, my youger daughter and her boyfriend came. It was at the beach and we had a great time. I was proud of myself I brought all my own food:) My son took me out to a wonderful steak dinner on Sunday, just the two of us:) It was great too!

What did you all do over the weekend???

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Happy Tuesday!
Mothers Day was good - my son and I traveled about 25 miles west (to Lompoc) to my mom's, met up with my brother, his girlfriend and my 23 year old nephew and went out for brunch. I ordered a Monte Cristo (yum) but only ate half of it and totally ignored the potatoes on my plate and the biscuits on the table. I did drink every last bit of champagne in my glass though! Knowing that weigh in was the very next day helped. Maybe that's why they have them on Mondays?

Yesterday I had my second weigh-in and had lost the exact same amount I did last time - 2.6 lbs. So I got one of those little book marks that says I lost 5 lbs! I'm really trying not to get too smug -- I know this is the honeymoon phase.

Yesterday afternoon had a difficult time with my son (14 year olds!!!) so yesterday evening had a chocolate bar! :( Like that really helped. Sheeees! He and a girl from school were going to be working on a school project at our house, and he thought it was SO unreasonable that I didn't want them there without adult supervision.

CL - do I remember you saying you loved those WW pretzels? Bought some yesterday - very satisfying! I'mm impressed with WW food.

Well, I got up late this morning (I often sleep too late when I go to bed early - what's up with that?) so I'm running late now - time to hit the shower. Have a GREAT day!)

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CL good for you on the weight loss!! Keep it up. Sounds like you all had a fun MD and you did great on your food choices, going out its the hardest part:(

When I get stressed and want a candy bar I eat a WW's snack bar, I have carmel choco right now YUMMMERS. They are almost as good as a real candy bar just not as big and only 2 points~~if I am really stressed may have to have 2:) But they are a bit pricey. I love the pretzels they really help me with my salty crunchy cravings also 94% fat free microwave Kettle corn~~I am still not sure if I am supposed to eat the whole bag:)

LOL!! About your 14 year old silly boy what is he thinking:)

FW where are you???? How are you doing??

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I had surgery Friday afternoon and am just now getting back to the swing of things. I haven't been able to eat anything so as far as weigh loss this should be a good thing! :-)
I can't exercise until next week so just slow short walks for now.

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Can I jump in here with you guys? I know lunchlady. We go waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay back. We actually met here about 5 or 6 years ago....I'm not on weightwatchers, for a couple of reasons, one of them being there isn't one near me that operates during the hours that I can get to, but I need some accountability to help me lose some weight. So, if you'll let me join you, it will surely help me to stick to my plan. What do you all say?

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YEA!!!!! VIG is here:) Of course you can join us!! It is true ladies VIG and I met here many many years ago. We were each doing SS, the thread they had going was so long and moved so fast and most gals were on the east coast, it was hard to join in. I went and advertised for a Diet Buddy and VIG answered it and we have been good pals ever since. We even me at a quilting retreat about 2 years ago that another gal we met on another forum was the leader of:) Welcome Pal:) :)

FW how are you feeling? I was afraid you left us:( Short walks are good just take it slow no hurry here.

Yesterday was not a good day for me:( My boss called bright and early wanting to know where my time card was~~her dept keeps losing my things and I was home so could not fax it til later (hope I get paid on time:( My husbands bro has to have daily radiation for prostate cancer, his mom just found out she has bladder cancer (she is 86) his nephews wife had to have an emergency c-section on Mothers Day, she was 7 months pg, baby girl weighs 2lbs 15oz~~kids at my work are making us nuts daily AND I had my quilt guild mtg last night. When I got there I noticed I had a flat tire on my van~~took AAA 2hs and 20mins to get there! DARN made me miss some of Boston Legal (LOL). SOOO I had a small bag of chips (left from my dinner out with the gals, I knew I should have thrown it away) and a beer to drown my sorrows:(

Why do I do that after eating good all day~~I am thinking I will take Yoga with my kids this summer and learn relaxation technics?? Do any of you do that???

I am off to have a better day! Peace

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Welcome VIG! Glad to have you! We will sure do what we can to help and encourage!
I had to have two bleeding ulcers fixed. I am doing pretty good now just really tender.
We barbecued hamburgers last night and I had a whole one, both buns and everything! It was so yummy! I had corn on the cob and watermelon so that way I didn't do to bad but I loaded up my hamburger will all sorts of nonsense that make them just out of this world!
I didn't go to weigh in last night (I was too busy eatting a fattening hamburger) :-) Since the surgery I am still really puffy and I didn't want to be too discouraged.
Boy Lunchlady you've sure had your plate full. Remember to take time for yourself! I know it's easier said then done but it's important to do!

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Thanks for the welcome ladies. Already since writing to you guys yesterday, I was able to stay on track last night and packed a nice lunch today too. We're planning on driving down the coast this summer, hopefully visiting lunchlady, so I have to look as good as her before then!! LOL. Yikes on the ulcers...never had them, but did the gallbladder thing. Thankfully, will never have to go through that again...Keep up the motivation and inspiration...I'll need it.

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CL you desreved to have a big yummy burger after being so good with your surgery. I have two ticket like things that I can use so as not to have to weigh in at a meeting. Eating all that does not bother your surgery???

VIG good for you staying on track today!! I have found that packing a lunch has helped me the most. I have done it for 11 weeks straight now, so it is just part of my day now. Before I would be so hungry from not eating at work that I would eat something bad at StarBucks after CURVES or eat everthing in site while watching my beloved Dr Phil:) I even ate more when he did his shows on weight loss:(

Drink lots of water ladies that is # 1

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FW, sounds like you are better, I'm glad to hear it. Sorry you needed surgery at all though! You sure made that burger sound great. :)

LL - what a day you had - considering all that, I think you did pretty well!

Am I the only one who does the flex plan? Do you ladies both do the core foods plan? I had a chicken quesadilla last night that normally would NOT be on anyone's plan, but I just gave it a whole bunch of points and added it to my list (and that ate up all my points for the rest of the day - pun intended). What I like best about that is that no food is bad, unless it puts me over my point allowance.

I'm looking forward to a check-up with my doctor this morning. It's been 6 months since my last one, when she suggested I try WW. OK, so I've only been on WW the last 2.5 weeks, but I've lost 5 pounds, and I think maybe in the other 5 plus months prior to WW I may have dropped 3-4 pounds... Just since WW though I wonder if the change in my eating habits will show up at all in the blood work that I had done. I hope so.

Hey, welcome VIG! Sounds like you're in Northern Calif - whereabouts? I'm in Santa Ynez Valley.

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Hi CL...no, I'm in Victoria, on Vancouver Island, British Columbia...thanks for the welcome.

I did really good all day yesterday staying on track and the hippies won the Amazing Race, so all-in-all it was a good day!!

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YEA!!! For the Hippies~~~I know you wanted them to win:)

Today was Ok for me no goofs, I have to weigh in tomorrow morning so I will be good all evening and eat no brekkie before I go:) My older daughter is taking us all to dinner tomorrow night so I will miss my regular meeting, I hate doing that:( But, I get a nice dinner out of it:) Also did a good CURVES workout today.

CL I do the Core plan, I am not sure about FW I think she is Flex. I was going to start with Flex til I read all of the info and the foods allowed are everything that I love so it has been easy for me and I think it will make maintence easier :) I hope, that is the scary part maintence.

VIG you doing good GF:)

FW how are you doing?? Resting alot I hope :)

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I'm doing pretty good...still really sore and tender but on the mend.
I am back to work (finally)! If I didn't go back to work I was going to eat my way throught the house.
I am glad to see that everyone here is doing so well.
Have a great weekend.

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POOHIE!!! I gained 1.4lbs:( Proves that LunchLady can not eat dinner out 4 nights a week and get stressed and eat chips and drink a beer:( I thought I would have just stayed the same:( I am so mad at myself, but it is a big red flag warning to me!! Watch It!!! Only salads out and watch portion control and I did not drink enough water!! Already I went out last night with my whole family (I did eat a seafood salad, but realized it was not a good choice) and tomorrow I am going to a 60th dinner for a quilting pal at of all horrible places to eat a Mexican resturant, I think it is a set menu too:( I will eat lite today and tomorrow, till the dinner and hope fully not over eat there~~~then maybe I will switch to the flex plan for the rest of the week YUP I am going to try that!

What do you think?? Now I think I know why people switch between the two plans top get control back!!

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He LL - sorry about your lbs. - they'll be gone next week. Sounds like you definitely need the flex plan while you are doing the social butterfly thing. :)
I had dinner with my mom this evening and stopped by our local high-end market and picked up broccoli quiche and bread pudding from their deli. Imagine my surprise when I got home and tallied the points - 8 for the quiche and 10 for the bread pudding. OUCH. That really took a bite out of my weekly points.
Has anyone tried the WW dinners at Applebees? I don't have one too close to me but they look good on tv...

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LL..that's our problem too. We eat out more often than we eat in. It's just so much easier to stop on the way home from work. We have both been working later than usual and when you come home from work at 7 or 8, you don't want to have to make something to eat, so we stop on the way home...we do a lot of Wendy's salads..

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Well LL is off again this afternoon for a dinner out:( I told you it was Mexican and it is for a lady from my quilting guild turning 60 her DD's are putting it on, which leads me to believe it is a set menu:( But, the gal turning 60 is the one who turned me on to WW's so maybe I can sit by her and watch what she eats, she is in her last week of maintence before becoming a Lifetime memeber:)

Wish me luck:)

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I go to weigh in tomorrow night and I know I am going to be in the same boat. I went to a pizza party Thursday night and Saturday I went to mexican and had a huge dinner followed by a huge margarita. Topped with a trip to the movies where I had a popcorn and a large pop. I guess I figured if I was going to live it up I would live big. The only problem is it's a my butt and hip that are now living bigger than they should be. UGG.
I was thinking I might switch to the flex plan to see if maybe that would be better.
Hang in there!

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