Help -- new home has crazy wiring

rgrsJune 2, 2014

We moved into a house that is wired in most rooms for tv and internet... they had satellite and connections in closets for various rooms. There are wires (pigtails?) hanging out of the walls - the cable people couldn't figure it out and the satellite installer said that it is mostly out dated.... I'm at a loss as to know whether or not to just abandon it or not.
Any thoughts?

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Out dated or just not the latest standard?
I suspect that it's RG-6 coax which can still be very useful, if it's routed where you need it.
By 'couldn't figure it out' do you mean they couldn't quickly identify which cables led where?

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I assume they are just not the latest standard. I called the company that installed them and someone came out to label them. But, he couldn't really tell me much about how to use it.

The cables run to a box in the garage. The previous owners had satellite boxes and DVD players in various closets with cables running from there to the various TVs. There are cat 5e+ outlets in every room.

For example, master bedroom closet has a box connected to satellite and internet - from there it goes into an office and the master bedroom. Guest room had satellite box and DVD in closet and then wires coming out into the guest room for TV. We removed the wires and patched the wall but we did leave wires in the closest in case we wanted to use in the future.

The bonus room closet upstairs had same set up. Satellite guy ran a HDMI from a cable in the closet to TV which now has a mini-geni rather than box in the closet. So now we have lots of unsued cables in the closet and coming out of the wall in the bonus room.

What I would like to do is either get rid of them or use them. I would also like to know how to network our printer and also use internet for TV.

We are about to paint our master bedroom and need to decide where or not to keep these cables.

Thanks for your help.

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