Roaches, please help.

TwoAcresAugust 22, 2002

I just sat with one of my homeowners. She is devastated. The house next to hers was abanded recently. It is a HUD home and they are in there cleaning it up. Apparently they have also bombed for bugs and those bugs are heading her way. Roaches. Does anyone have a good easy remedy for her. She has to be careful as she has asthma and her yound daughter has spina bifida. Any suggestions I can pass her way. She is desperate.

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The previous owners left us with a truckload of roaches when we moved in. We bought two boxes of combat (12 per box) and put most of them in the kitchen cabinets, with the rest scattered throughout the closets in the apartment. The combat I'm talking about is the one where they eat the food in the "houses" and take it back to the nest to share, thereby killing that many more roaches. We also bought more bag clips to seal the bags of cereal/chips/cookies we would otherwise leave open. Oh, and of course, we don't give them a chance to eat off our dirty plates. We scrub them right after we eat--definitely don't use your dishwasher while they're still around--they'll have a smorgasborg in there! So everything combined seems to be working for us. We noticed a dramatic change within two weeks. Much fewer roaches in sight. Good luck--they're definitely tough to eradicate completely--there's a reason why they've survived since the dinosaur ages ;)

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Mix flour, sugar and borax and put it on flat pieces of paper, behind drawers, under the sink, under the refrigerator, etc. They are attracted by the sugar and flour and the borax kills them.
Don't let children or pets get into them.....they are toxic, but not like combat or other insecticides.
Linda C

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Absolutely agree with Linda C. Borax is what I used for cockroaches when I had them in an apartment years ago. Borax works on ants, too. Odor free.

The best part about it is that the pests track it back to the nest and share it with their colleagues, killing them all! It isn't an instant kill, it does take a week or so perhaps to eliminate the nest.

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I have tried Combat and it has gotten the job done everytime. My husband's aunt lives in a HUD apartment complex and she has had good results with them also. As you know in those apartment complexes roaches tend to travel. I visit her often almost every day. I never see roaches there either. I recommended it to every family member and they have seen results, but only if they actually bought the brand Combat. You may have to buy them every so many months at first to get rid of all the roaches but after that you should be okay.

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Another idea...I did this when I lived in Florida and they have those HUGE Palmetto Bugs that look like giant roaches.

SEAL OFF any openings under sinks and any dropped ceiling lighting. Get that SPRAY FOAM SEALANT - it expands as you spray and seal off the pipes or wiring coming into walls. Underneath the sinks in kitchen and bathroom...the drywall is cut around the pipes and there are openings the bugs can get through. Also any electrical wiring coming into the ceiling at the kitchen (if she's got ceiling panels with flourescent lighting). Anywhere she's got an opening that bugs can get into.

You can kill what's in there, but you've got to STOP them from coming in as well.

It's a battle, but with some effort, she can make a lot of headway.
Good Luck!

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Don't forget that if they are coming in from the outside to spray the outside of your home around door jams and windows or any places where they might creep in.
I also agree totally with the Borax comments.

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Does Boric acid do the same thing as Borax?

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Boric acid is fine. The way these items work is that the bugs get the powder on their legs when they track through it. Then they clean their legs by licking them, ingesting the boric acid. When the acid contacts moisture inside their body, it creates bubbles, which the bug has no innate means to deal with (picture a roach belching), and el roacho goes poof internally.

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There is a powder called Roach pruff, it's main ingredient is boric acid,along with some other things, it's inexpensive, you get it at any home center etc, it really works, takes a few days.

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Thanks everyone for the imput. I have passed your suggestions on to my customer, she looks forward to sleeping nights.

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I grew up in florida and I don't care what anybody says - i always said they were cockroaches, not palmetto bugs. And now I'm working at a pest control and I was right. I don't know where they got that name but to me - an affirmed roach hater- a roach is a roach is a roach. And perimeter treatment, with spray or borax is a vital part of control. It keeps them from coming in. Also, they are actually more attracted to habitat such as clutter - piles of paper is a favorite. Keep the clutter down and it will help more than you can imagine. We have a video of the "75,000 roach house" and this was thier biggest problem. Junk everywhere! I brought it home and made all my messy kids watch it! When they start trashing thier rooms I remind them of it. Amazing how fast they clear it up!!

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best i ever used is Megaroachkill paste and they'll even sell you the formula. safe and no dust or fumes. well, this thread is like 9 years old so maybe nobody sees it.

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