'labronze coil' in Rheem GSHP system?

thethirdmanJanuary 18, 2010

One of the subs bidding on our geo-hvac system just did a job for my cousin who lives maybe 2 miles from us. My price is coming in considerably higher (26%).

My house is smaller (2350 sqftdown w/9ft ceilings & 1120sqft up w/8ft ceilings versus 2750sqft w/10ft ceilings/1800 w/8ft ceilings on walkout level below) but mine is a 2 story going up versus 2 story including walkout basement.

The Sub that's bidding is saying our system needs to be 1 ton larger at 7 total(a 5 and 2) tons. My cousin actually thought they had a 5 and 3 installed (we were discussing and he didn't have documents handy, but sub says it was a 4 and a 2).

He's claiming the extra ton will require an additional bore hole... Cousin's had 3.

he's also saying he's quoting the new Rheem system versus the Carrier that was installed last summer for my cousin. and says it comes with a 10 yr parts and labor warranty versus limited parts warranty with the carrier.

He's saying part of the new equipement is something called a 'labronze coil' that is more efficient. I can't for the life of me find anything in any Rhemm literature called that - or can I find it with a google search. Is that REAL or just some BS.

Does anyone know if the manual j calc would make my smaller house demand more tonnage? We live near each other - houses are oriented similarly...

I'm struggling with 26% difference in $ justification.

There's always an amazement of differences in areas of the country in price differences, but same installer same area?

What do I need to be asking? What guidance do you all have?

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Ask for a 'Manual J'. How many boreholes, how deep, how far apart,how are they planning to grout, series or parallel configuration (assuming it's closed loop)? Is the contractor IGSHPA accredited?

Get other quotes; sounds like you're far from signing anything!

Carrier GSHP = ClimateMaster


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