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nhsuzanneMay 11, 2009

Good Monday all,

I am home today putting up fencing! The fun just never ends around here.

How was everyone's weekend?

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Hello Suzanne!

Happy Monday to everyone.

I had a great weekend until Sunday with a horrible sore throat. I'm home today with a head cold. Could have been worse, but it's annoying and I can't sleep.

Hope everyone does something great for themselves this week. You deserve it!


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Hi Guys!

I drove over to the east side of the state to move my DD out of her dorm---what a pigsty!---I'm sorry! She was a "messy!" It took us 2 days to pack her cr@p and I cleaned her floors, shelves, and closets back to the original condition. I did tell her, though, that if it looks like that next yesr, I'm turning around and driving back home!!!

Another relative has come forward for Baby V, so the state says we'll have him for another 4 to 6 months whilst they do a home and life study on this, the 2nd relative. Goes on and on, doesn't it? The little light in my light will stay a while longer...but he is so extremely attached at this point, I don't want to think of what the transition might do to him, no matter where he goes. There has to be a better way...

Mother's Day was brekky at McD's and on the road all day, but since I LOVE DRIVING, it was perfectamundo! In other news, we dropped the price on the house another 10Gs for various repairs and such, so now it's a bagain basement price and I just want it out of my hair...!

Well, Dee, I hope you feel batter SOON!

NHSuzanne~ Take the Aleve now, before you start the fencing work---lol!

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Hi, everyone.

Our weekend was great. Went to see my mom for the weekend. She looked beautiful and we had a wonderful time, shopping and eating out and visiting with my sister and niece and nephew. Just wish it wouldn't go by so fast.

Today I had WW (had skipped last week due to tornado watch) so was very happy to lose 4.2 pounds - now totals 32.8 pounds lost. There was a young mother with her baby today - he was the cutest little boy and so happy. At the end of the meeting, when the instructor announces everyone's personal losses and we clapped, he would really get exited and just laugh and smile - he thought it was a party!

Dee, I hope you feel better. I hate sore throats. I had one earlier in the year and the doctor prescribed several medications and gave me a sample nasal spray, before it finally went away. I hope yours is short-term!

BJ, I can't imagine what you are going through with Baby V and all the "stuff" happening, with the new relative and all. Thank God he has you, and you have him. I pray that there is a happy ending to his story.

suzanne, you are amazing with all of your energy!

Hope everyone's having a good day.


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Kind of draggin today. I do plan to go to a sculpting class tonight.

I bought the gel bike seat for spinning - In case anyone is interested I found it at Target for $9.99.

I also bought a few more gym shorts and tanks, because last week I nearly had to not go to class one day because nothing was clean LOL

That is a pretty sorry excuse, eh?

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Good Monday evening!

We had showers here for the past 4 hours - not that we needed more rain right now, but it is what it is!

Dee, hope your sore throat disappears quickly!

Jan, congrats on doing so incredibly well on your weight loss!

Suzanne, how are you feeling this evening after a very hard day's work?

BJ, congrats on getting the house sold! If you're like I was almost 2 years ago, I would have given it away just to be done with it, so I'm hoping that you're feeling alright about giving them the reduction.

TreKaren, my chiropractor started spin classes at 5:30 this morning, and I was able to tell him about the gel seat because of your postings last week. I'll pass on the Target shopping tip when I see him tomorrow at a meeting.

I had a wonderful Mother's Day weekend. I got to be with my youngest Dson and his family. Those DGDs always fill my heart with so much love, too! This coming Thursday, I'll be heading up to Dallas for a convention and get to see my older son and his wife, and that will be wonderful, too.

Wishing everyone a wonderful first of the week!

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Hi Everyone,
Back from my fun day with my buddie. I may not get to see her again for a few years but we keep in touch. It was just like yesterday everytime we do get the opportunity to hang out.

Eating during her visit turned into major restaurant breakfast, courtesy of DH and then major restaurant dinner, courtesy of DH...followed by home made squares which had to be immediately frozen when she left courtesy of no will power on my end. The visit was a screaming success.

I posted on Harold's thread in more detail but lets just say the best part in the food department - I'm looking forward to my veggie soup, salad and fresh fruit today. Honestly I am not used to the rich food anymore and I could not even look at a plate of it without feeling ill today.

So I gained a pound but a day of indulgence usually confuses my metabolism and sometimes breaks my plateaus. So I'm back in the saddle again. It looks like a lovely morning to day, so I'm going for a walk after DH goes to work, then I'm going to settle into my 'work work'. If I can squeeze in 3 hours of work, I'll be able to afford some gardening time today (which I really need to do - get shaking my fanny!).

Near the end of the month I'm helping my pal with her plant maintenance business to plant the flowers at the hotel gardens I took care of last summer - another reason to get moving because I KNOW by the Saturday my pathetic body will have discovered some muscles I forgot about and that Saturday my pal and I have an early date setting up a table at our local community center for a garage/craft sale. Can't wait for that one! So my other project is to start making toddler quilts and sort out stuff to sell.

I hope everyone enjoyed Mother's Day, the weekend and carry on with our goals.

Dee I hope you feel better soon. Wodka, what can I say - there's no stopping you now! You go girl! BJ, I know about getting attached, I had a foster brother at 2 1/2 who we could not keep - it broke everyone's heart when he had to go but at least we got to share part of his life with him. Sorry to hear you had to drop the house price but if it gets you closer to your new home you just have to do what you have to do. Trekaren - thank you - you have inspired me this morning to get out again for a lovely peppy walk. Milkdud having children in your day is like having flowers bloom as far as I'm concerned. You are blessed. Nhsuzanne, how is the fencing coming along?

Let's giver' today. I'm glad to be here and sooooooo glad to be back.


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My coworker and I discussed our recent 'off days' (mine last week when I didn't manage choices well, and hers was a wedding reception on Saturday).

We both concluded that we KNOW our bodies really feel bad after a major off-program day, so that's motivation not to go off program.

Didn't hit the gym last night. Gave blood at the church drive instead. The gentleman who used to coordinate our blood drives passed away this spring, and this drive was in his honor. What a legacy to leave behind! Because of his work countless pints of blood were collected over the years. There is no telling how many lives he personally saved.

So I did let myself have a Capri Sun and a pack of Nutter butters :-) to recover.

Today I have a nice lean cuisine lunch that's 270 calories and is a mexican type meal. And I brought my Newman's Own Salsa to flave it up a bit.

I'm really looking forward to lunch today!

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Good Tuesday all,

DH and I put up a little over 400' of fencing Sunday and Monday! We had to take that all down in February for the loggers to come in and harvest our trees. It feels so good to have it back up!! We are so tired we had to come to work to rest!

Hope everyone is having a good day.

I was thinking of Jen today.......where are you sister? I miss you.

Besh??? you too.

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Good morning!

Did anyone else watch The Biggest Loser finale last night? It was a nice surprise to see Helen win, and I was glad to see Mike come in second.

However, I thought Helen looked too thin. I'm sure if I was going after $250,000 I might do the same, but both she and Jerry looked unhealthy to me.

I had almost forgotten about Daniel and David - is David the one they showed eating french fries with his mom in the early episodes? He must still be eating them. I don't think I would have shown up, all the others looked so good.

I'm so glad some of these shows are winding down. I have not seen one episode of this season's "House" and I plan on having a marathon soon!

Hope everyone has a great day!

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Good Wednesday,

Jan, I tivo'd BL now you have ruined my surprise!! Just kidding. I am glad Helen won - I can't wait to see it. We can compare notes tomorrow.

It's a gorgeous day here and it's cool. This year we are having a real spring not a winter into summer scenario which I really dislike! The apple trees are in full regalia and there is a heavenly scent everywhere!

Hope everyone can check in today.

Hey John - tell us about your biggest loser experience!

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Oh, Suzanne, I am so sorry to spoil your surprise! I didn't think (Don't look at any online news because they have articles there, too!)

Speaking of Biggest Losers, I bet you are one, after doing all of your fencing! I'm also envious of your cool weather, but you certainly deserve it, after the winter you had.

Meanwhile, I'm looking at Avon's website for their insect repellent/sunscreen. The bugs love me, for some reason, and down here, the gnats are ferocious.

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I watched it! How impressive! I told you Helen is my inspiration. But what about Jerry and his wife! It just shows none of us have any excuse!!!

I only have one kid to juggle, and seeing the woman with 5 kids trying to make it happen was also inspring. Real life stuff that we can all relate to.

I did my sculpting class, then a 1-1/2 mile walk jog. Ate on program all day.

Woke up this morning with a bit of a sore throat, but I'm Zycamming it and drinking lots of H2O and hope to nip it in the bud. I want to go to spinning tonight!

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happy wednesday

still home sick (bronchitis) and i'm so mad about it. just cannot get everything finished and now have to cut our visit to my sister's this weekend short. going to my niece's college graduation early friday morning, bt that will be about it. after a luncheon, dh and i will need to come home so i can get back into bed. grrrrrr, i just know i caught this from someone in work

raeanne, did you see "housewives from New Jersey" on BRAVO? They look like real losers on the commercial. i fell asleep but i'm sure i'll catch it again.

gotta go nap

make today count

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Happy Hump Day!

It's sunny and 85 here already today. Suzanne, enjoy your honest-to-goodness Spring weather! I think our Spring is over already.

I really enjoyed BL last night. What a great way to end the season! I always go to bed so inspired after watching each show, and last night was no exception.

I'm going out of town tomorrow until Sunday evening for our ESA state convention. I'll be staying with my Dson and DDIL in their rental while there. I'm so excited about seeing the progress of their new house. The exterior is now complete, so the inside should be shaping up enough for me to visualize the finished product.

I stayed up late and watched "RH from Jersey", too. What characters those women are. This will be a real cultural experience for me, I'm sure. Donna and Dee, you may have to explain things to me! LOL

Dee, I hope that you kick the bronchitis before your weekend. Talk about lousy timing, huh?

I need to get on the road and accomplish things before I leave town, but I had to check in and see how y'all were doing. Wishing everyone a nice, long, healthy and successful weekend!

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Dee, I hope you feel better soon sister!! Is it a great idea to go out when you are so sick? Maybe you should stay home and take any chances.

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happy wednesday

still home sick (bronchitis) and i'm so mad about it. just cannot get everything finished and now have to cut our visit to my sister's this weekend short. going to my niece's college graduation early friday morning, bt that will be about it. after a luncheon, dh and i will need to come home so i can get back into bed. grrrrrr, i just know i caught this from someone in work

raeanne, did you see "housewives from New Jersey" on BRAVO? They look like real losers on the commercial. i fell asleep but i'm sure i'll catch it again.

gotta go nap

make today count

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Okay Dee, that is weird!

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Good morning sleepy heads!
Okay, so I woke up ridiculously early - too excited. My friend is joining me in renting a table at the end of the month for our community garage/craft sale. I'm getting busy making toddler quilts, chokers, collecting books and other things around here that need a new home and making cards. Oh yeah, I'm also doing my at home new job work (Like RIGHT NOW....okay, okay in a few moments).
Trying hard to get back on track again after my weekend with my pal - erratic eating times again - BAD GIRL! That does me in more than anything. Today's mini goal is start with small breakfast and get back on snack meals again.
They are talking light rain for today, so I think a leisurely walk is in order too (I like light rains).
Dee I hope you are feeling a little better before the graduation.
So how is your day shaping up?
Think positive, we're in this together!

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Good morning!

Peggy, I'm up early, too - 5:30 a.m. for me. On my second cup of coffee before I go walking with my neighbor. She has trouble sleeping and gets up early (what have I gotten myself into???), so we decided to try to walk at 6:30 before the sun gets too hot. Heck, it's barely up at 6:30! Yesterday we had to walk in the afternoon, and it was miserable walking in the heat.

I am beginning to buy clothes for my Chicago trip. Even though I'm not at my goal weight, shopping is SO much more fun than before. I don't want to go overboard (for financial reasons and also because each size I reach is hopefully, temporary.)

Any American Idol fans? I liked all three of the finalists, so hated to see Danny go. As great as Adam is, I think Chris has the talent to give him a run for his money, or as Simon said, it's going to be a real "ding dong?!!"

Have a great day, everyone.

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Peggy and Jan, I have you beat! I get up at 4am every day and at this time of year I am in the saddle at 5:15. I really love the early mornings at this time of year. When you can't sleep you might as well get up and do something you enjoy while it's nice and quiet.

Jan, I watch BL WOW. Such most! Amazing

Marci, I have been thinking of you every day and hope you not only stop in to stay hello but stay with us for awhile. xxxooo

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Hi all,

Just got back from the doc. I feel better but I'm having symptoms of pneumonia so I've got a script for a chest xray. When it rains.....I'm going to stop off at the hospital after I get back from the graduation party tomorrow night. This means I can't stay the weekend with my sis, but health is first. Don't want to be 90 miles from home if I'm not well.

Also expecting news from my director on Monday. From what I gather, I will be forced to take on staff. He's 'reorganizing". I don't mind the challenge, but it's so hard to reward good employees with these limitations on budgets lately. I will play the hand that I'm dealt and come here for strength.

Speaking of support...let's call out some of our friends.

Besh? Marci? John? Gretchen? Patti & Dave? Amy? Jen? Maddie? Raeanne? let's hear from you.

Make this weekend a good one. Healthy, healthy, healthy.


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Dee - (((((HUGS)))) 90 mile trip can't be too much fun while you are feeling bad. I hope the x-rays are clear and you are feeling back to normal real soon. I caught the Jersey Housewives yesterday - tooooo funny and toooo real for me. I swear I know all of those women LOL.

I am up by 6 most days. I consider anything after 7 as sleeping in.

Jan - I had to laugh at the "ding dong" reference as well. I picked Chris from the beginning and am very pleased to see he is still in the running. I wouldn't have been upset if Adam went home weeks ago, because he is going to be a superstar no matter what.

Peg - sounds like you will be busy getting things together for the craft sale.

Suzanne - how are the black flies by you. I got bit Tuesday and the welt almost wraps around my entire arm and is itching like crazy.

Tuesday I found 9 ducklings stuck in a drain pipe in my neighbors pond. I jumped in the pond sneakers and all and tried to scoop them out but there was another opening that they all "ducked" into. I called DH to get home and help me. We finally got them all out as the momma and 1 baby sat and watched the ordeal. Just when we thought the problem was solved we realized that they couldn't get out of the pond. They entered through another drain pipe up hill. So we had to build a ramp and I got cracked corn to coax them up the ramp. It took a good 1 1/2 hours, they would get right up to the top and then go back to the pond. We also had to get a grate to put over the drain pipe that they were trapped in. We then had to call our neighbor and tell him that we did some reconstruction on his new pond LOL.

Have a wonderful weekend!

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Where we ride horses, they've had good luck using fly predators on a seasonal basis. She got a late start this year, so they haven't all hatched, so the flies are biting, YUCK I hate them worse than mosquitoes sometimes!

But the predators really did their job last year. Can't wait til they start propagating.

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Good Friday all,


Raeanne, you are a hero!! Alot of people would not have helped. Thank you! Momma duck and her babies is a fine thing to see. Sounds like you are having an allergic reaction to the black fly bite. Once in a while I will get a really bad one like that too. They will be gone soon only to be replaced by mosquitoes!! Arggggg

Dee, feel better soon. I still think you should stay home and rest.....unsolicited advice - just another service that I offer LOL

Trekaren, I have been using fly predators for 12 years now and they are wonderful for housefly/barn fly, biting flies but they don't work for black flies, deer flies, horse flies, gnats and no-see ums!! Yes, I live in the biting bug mecca of the universe! I just spread my first shipment of predators this morning!

Tomorrow we are going to CT for our God child's high school graduation. He is going to receive the Headmasters Award although he does not yet know this. He's such a good kid and is my favorite nephew. He has a country heart and enjoys the animals with me. Hopefully, I will get to ride on Sunday - weather permitting.

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Looks like we're all having a busy weekend! I'm happy to report my weight is shifting down - I've recovered from last weekend's visit with my pal and all that food. I've moved from 145 to 143/142ish. Quite happy with that. Slow and steady is my goal. I will stop losing when my body tells me to. I'm focusing on proper portions and healthier food choices. I figure I will settle on a weight when my food balances with my body. Anything around 130-135 is my goal to maintain. Anything lower than 128 I have to be careful because that is a teenager weight and not healthy for me at this age. Too easy to get sick and have little to help me recover from. Besides, I don't do 'thin' - I'm a curvy build and thin looks awful on me. Got there once in the military and everyone told me I looked gaunt. If I were born to be tall fine, but I'm not. My goal is to be able to garden without back spasms and be able to jolt up a couple of flights of stairs without losing my breath. Maintaining a healthy weight is the biggest challenge, not the weight loss. So I plan to be here for some time to come.

We're off to the in-laws this weekend. DH's brother is moving back out west after a year of unsuccessfully seeking work in mapping. He's been working 'online' from his original job out west but since nothing has happened in this area he's moving back. He's been living in his parents basement for all this time - not funny. Time to go. I'll miss him but glad we had the time to know him better.

Also going to drive a wee bit down a county road tomorrow to practice my driving. Looking forward to that too. I don't do highways because I am not comfortable making turns at higher speeds yet.

Take care, I will try to get online this weekend.


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