Hot Water Heat From 5 ton Water Furnace

themusikthiefJanuary 27, 2008

I am currently installing a Water Furnace Geothermal Closed Loop system and was curious about anyone with input on a 60 Gallon Tank and the 'cycles' it takes to Heat up a hot water tank.

I am trying to make quantitative the term 'cycle' and therefore figure out whether or not to add an inline water heater for high use times and/or spring and fall seasons.

thank you for any info anyone has..........

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You might want to post this in the Heating & Air Conditioning section. There are HVAC techs there that could answer this.

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First & foremost - SPEAK TO YOUR INSTALLER!!

I personally would install a desuperheater. However, for technical reasons, I would install a buffer tank between the electric DHW tank and the desuperheater. A 5 ton unit will provide plenty of hot water at reduced cost during heating season and essentially free hot water when you're air-conditioning.


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installing a water furnace this summer for a new rental unit ( B and B) . I want to have a tankless water heater so that we do not have to keep large amounts of water hot if there are no guests. We are having a two person Japanese soaking tub and want HOT water on demand. Is this manageable?

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