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ctghostJune 9, 2007

I purchased a travel trailer that came equipped with some type of unknown built-in electronics package (stereo, radio, etc). The electronics unit broke and the previous owner cut the plug off the back of the unit and threw it away.

All I have are several wires and no idea where they go. There are several speakers mounted to the ceiling in the living/kitchen area and bedroom and what I guess is a speaker mounted close to the floor in the cabinet where the old unit was located.

I would like install something and take advantage of the speakers and wiring, yet don't have a clue as to how to go about determining what wires go where, etc. Let alone how I might connect these to a replacement unit.

I have contacted the trailer manufacturer (Coachmen) and they were unable/unwilling to provide any assistance. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated as to how to proceed from here.


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You can use a digital multimeter to check continuity. Get a multimeter from a local electronics store, like Radio Shack, or borrow one from a friend. Set the unit to check continuity. You place one probe on the end of one of the wires and then use the other probe to touch the end of the the other group until you hear the unit make a noise. When it does, this means that the signal ran from one end to the other and you have a match. Have some masking tape on hand to mark the matching wires.

It really is pretty easy to do. If the ends of the wires are far apart, you may need to twist another piece of wire to the end to make it reach the probes.

Hope I explained it okay.

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