Hilgen Champion R2523 tube amp

Pooh BearJune 26, 2007

My brother asked me to post this for him.

Pooh Bear


I am trying to find someone who knows what the correct speaker

impedance for a Hilgen Champion R2523 tube amp.

I am currently running an 8 ohm speaker but I need to find out

for sure what the impedance of the original speaker cabinet


Any information you can give me about this amp would be greatly appreciated.

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I have looked around and cannot find anything.

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Pooh Bear

Yeah, same here. Can't find anything on it.

If anyone finds out anything please let me know.


Pooh Bear

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Can you open it up and look at the output transformer? it may have the primary and secondary impedance printed on it. Secondary is the one you want. Otherwise, look for the output transformer's part number and manufacturer, then go from there.

Good luck.


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Pooh Bear

He found it. He explained how but I really didn't get it.
Something to do with using a VOM. It was 8 ohms.
I didn't really understand his explanation and wasn't interested.
But he found that much. And I have gleened some info from Google.
It was made in Hillside NJ in 1965 by an ex-employee of Ampeg.
It's sort of a cross between an Ampeg and a UniVox.

Pooh Bear

Here is a link that might be useful: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hilgen

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