Magnavox 32' MS3252

bullwinkle100June 6, 2007


Would hope to find some help for a problem with my 32" Magnavox TV. The Model number on the back is MS3252 S431 with serial # 85240150. We acquired the TV used a couple months ago.

The tv would chirp when first coming on, may flicker a scrambled picture and shut off. After a few restarts the picture would come on and be fine. After some use the right side of the picture would shrink in a bit with sudden bright changes in color. Today it shut off while playing and has not yet come back on. If you try to power back on you might get a very scrambled picture and then it would power off. Sometimes there would be no picture but the front panel/power lights would be on. Sometimes it will power completely off

Could you please direct me to a website that has detailed info on this problem. I had an RCA a few years ago that had a solder problem on a shield. I searched the model number and found very detailed info, including a schematic picture of the trouble area and went right to the bad solder and fixed.

Troy Weeks

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Follow up.
I have found some information regarding this problem. It is said that cap (#2455) is bad. Also upon further inspection I have found some resistors, diodes and a transistor that looks to have gotten pretty hot. Especially transistor # (7461), I beleive it is a transistor. It has a colector, base and an emittor (CBE) Can someone tell me what it is. The #s on the transistor are BC337
2 Dioodes appear to have gotten hot they are (6460) with markings DG3 and 3/6 and (6461) with RGP30J 03/6.
2 resistors that measured 148 Ohms resistance (3477) & (3478).
Knowing electronic components as little as I do I think it would be reasonable to replace items that have been hot as their values and charateristics will change.
If someone can help me identify these parts and suggest a place to buy them it would be appreciated.

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