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tinam61March 5, 2014

I purchased the large size sample of the smashbox primer. This morning I used it under my mineral make-up. I have mixed feelings but will see how it wears throughout the day.

It does make your skin feel good, I'm assuming that is due to the silicone. Your fingers feel good after applying it too. My skin looks smooth, but it usually is pretty smooth without primer. I do have one enlarged pore that I noted the primer makes totally invisible. In general, I like how the primer makes my skin/make-up look. BUT, I do feel like I might look a little "dry". I washed my face this morning with cetaphil, used my clarisonic and then my regular moisturizer. I did not use eye cream this morning or my clinique eye cream/primer - was in a bit of a rush. I have some very light lines at the corners of my eyes and I did smooth the primer up over them. I don't really have any wrinkles or other lines. I can't say that the primer makes any difference in the lines at my eyes.

I work tomorrow so I think I will try my exfoliating scrub (which I do use a couple of times a week - not on days I use my clarisonic, I feel like it is a little more "heavy duty") and will also use eye cream and try the primer again.

I actually bought another primer last week - just to see how they felt/worked. A cheap brand but one I have liked other products in - physician's formula. It seems to feel a bit creamier and I didn't feel dry.

Just thought I'd update!


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Thanks for reporting back. I have kind of been thinking about this but it's really out of character for me. I was thinking about trying a less expensive product just to experiment as I'm skeptical I'd use it regularly.

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I was thinking about suggesting the smash box primer to my mother. After reading this i think I'll suggest Laura mercier's primer instead. Thanks for the report.

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RNmomof2 zone 5

Do any of you use a BB creme? The one I currently have has silicone in it. I use it like a primer under my foundation. There is a huge difference in price.

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Well here it is afternoon and my makeup still looks good. I don't feel dry this afternoon. I've not touched up my makeup - not that I do anyway, not regularly for sure. LOL I like how it looks but tomorrow I will make sure I use my eye cream, etc. and see what I think.

RN - I used a BB cream some last summer and liked it. I'd have to look in my stash and see what it is. I do not use much foundation (use mineral wear now) and like something really light. The BB was light and was especially nice for hot weather. However, I can't imagine using it AND foundation.


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Thanks for keeping us updated on how all these new products are working, Tina. I know what you mean about how the silicone or silicone-like creams feel, as I've tried the samples I've gotten in the mail from some company whose name I can't recall at the moment. Is it just me or does the thought of putting silicone anything on your face make you a bit nervous? worried? I'm not saying we shouldn't, just fretting I guess.

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I really hadn't thought of that Lynn!!! I thought of some of the other chemicals and I think of fragrance (my skin is sensitive). I may have to google that and see what I can find.

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If I am applying makeup in the afternoon or evening, I use Smashbox Photofinish Light (why it's Light I don't really know, both it, and the original Photofinish are supposedly oil-free). I think it does a nice job prepping my skin for makeup, and helping it to look nicer a little longer.

A recommendation for daytime; instead of using sunscreen and then primer over it, I've been using La Roche Posay Anthelios primer sunscreen (spf 50). I use it when I am not wearing makeup as well (unless I'm just driving over to the gym or something like that). It also gives my skin a nice finish (with/without makeup), and helps "mattify" my skin a little as well.

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Well today I like it even better. I paid more attention to moisturizing this morning and did use my eye cream. It does give your face a smooth finish. It's 3:00 and I haven't even looked at my make-up since applying, other than some lip gloss after lunch.

Cat Mom the "mattify" would be a good thing here in our hottest/most humid times. My skin doesn't get oily, but there are times I have felt like my make-up just melted.


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Are you happy with the Smashbox primer or the cheaper brand you bought, sorry I am a bit confused. I am looking for a good primer myself.

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Sorry Rose - I used the Smashbox again today. I do like the PF too but it is creamier and I'm not sure I would like that in the hot/humid months. I'm thinking it may not be oil free, need to check.


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Thanks Tina, I think I will smashbox a try.

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I love the things that you can learn about here, I purchased the Smashbox primer and will give it a try!

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Okay - here's my final thoughts -

Definitely like the Smashbox the best. I don't wear alot of makeup and use a light hand with my mineral (powder) foundation. The primer makes your skin feel so smooth. I noticed a difference around my eyes, which are where I have a few small lines - the primer definitely smoothed things out. I have one (yes ONE - not sure how it happened) enlarged pore, and the primer makes that invisible. I do think my makeup lasts longer. I'm not one to "check my make-up" often but I have been the last week while testing the two primers. On days I worked, my makeup looked good all day long.

I'm curious as to how the primer will perform in our hot/humid months. I'm wondering if it will "melt"?

I will say that while I like the primer and I see it's benefits, I don't think it is as great as the author of the book does. But for now, I'm wearing it.

Oh and as for the price, you use so little of the primer, that it should last quite a while. I purchased a large size sample for $12, and I would imagine just that sample is going to last me for some time.


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This is interesting. I went to Ulta to buy more primer. I was looking for Primetime but didn't see it. A salesperson recommended Smashbox.

I don't like it at all. I actually think it makes my skin look worse, especially as the day goes on. I did a test and put Primetime on one side of my face and Smashbox on the other and then put on makeup as usual. Later in the day I could see the difference and then asked my DD. We both said the Primetime side looked much better.

I tried a sample of MaryKay primer this weekend. It is better than Smashbox but not as good as Primetime.

I never heard of a BB creme before.

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Debrak, and there's CC cream also. The difference? I haven't a clue.

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I tried Smashbox primer last year, and it didn't work for me. Right after application, it looked fine (and it felt rather nice going on), but as the day wore on, it tended to "ball up" in places - and I felt like I had BOOGERS on my face! Even with a light application, it still did this.

I'm now wearing L'Oreal Magic Lumi Light-Infusing Primer, and I do like it. I wouldn't use it without my Skinn BB Cream (which has a light tint and gives a bit of coverage), because it would otherwise make my skin too shiny, but once the BB Cream goes on, I think it really does give me a more luminous glow. (And no boogers.)

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I just went and had an application of Primetime and also the Bare Minerals powder foundation, it gave me a nice light finish with some coverage, I think I'm going to like it.

I was needing a new light foundation so reading the above and other threads of the past, this has been helpful !!

I also bought a new blusher :)

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Still using my smashbox and still like it. I bought a sample size and I don't think I've used even a quarter of the little tube yet! I wonder if I can order a sample of the Primetime so I can compare?

Mitch - I love mineral makeup. Have been using it for years and cannot imagine using anything else now.


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Re. Mineral makeup: I'm only familiar with the Bare Minerals brand powder . Does it come in a cream /liquid, or? I like the coverage but wonder if , being a powder, it's drying? What, other than coverage, are it's benefits?
Oh, and I loved the BB cream in cobalt blue tube at Costco, but it's disappeared. :(

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I use Ferro cosmetics mineral makeup. Before that I used Bareminerals. Sometimes with Bareminerals I would get a burning sensation on my skin. Turns out it was a reaction to bismuth in the makeup. I don't notice any drying but liquid makeup always made my skin look oily.

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