Basement always floods, need help getting to the bottom of this

bentleychris23August 14, 2011

Hi, my basement always floods. We have a staircase going down to the basement and theres a drain at the bottom. In addition we have at 1 foot high brick that prevents water from flowing down the staircase. It still floods. Who can I contact to permanently fix this problem? or do you any of you guys know what could be wrong?

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"my basement always floods."

Start looking at the drainage around the house.

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Roto rooter the drain? Check that all gutters are clear, watch the downspouts and note where the water goes. Maybe an extension on the downspout will carry the water far enough away?

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you might want to check the grade of the land surrounding your house. The ground should slope away from your foundation. The general consensus is that it should slope down 6" for the first ten feet. To test this you'll need 2 stakes, a 12' piece of string and a string level.Take stake A and pound it into the ground next to your foundation. Tie the string to it and slide the string down the stake til it rests on the ground. Tie the other end of the string loosely around stake B , measure 10' down the slope away from the house and pound stake B into the ground. String between stakes should be taut but adjustable. slide the string up or down stake B til it looks level. Then put the string level on the string about mid way between the two stakes and adjust the string making it exactly level. Measure from the string end at stake B to the ground. Should be 6" or more. If it isn't, hopefully you can adjust the grade by adding fill next to the foundation.

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