Question for those who've lost a lot of weight

ericasjMay 14, 2004

I keep catching parts of those plastic surgery shows on the Discovery Health channel--where people have lost a lot of weight and then end up with so much extra skin they have to have it surgically removed. Or certain "parts" that droop so badly they need to be lifted. ;)

I'm thinking (hoping!) that this happened because they lost it too fast and perhaps didn't exercise enough. Several I've seen had lost weight pretty quickly because of stomach-stapling surgery. One the other day did it with diet and exercise, but lost half her body weight in one year. Maybe some people's skin and underlying tissue just adjust differently.

OTOH, maybe it's bound to happen.

Would be curious to find out what is typical in Real Life--rather than on a tv show that is practically an infomercial for plastic surgeons.


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I would think the age of the person would enter into it as well, skin does lose it's elasticity over time .

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Hi, I had WLS in January and have lost 67 pounds so far. I have the "bat wings" on my upper arms and the dreaded overhang of my stomach. I think it happens to anyone that loses weight really fast. It just isn't possible for the skin to keep up with the rapid weight loss. If you are young and really work at it, it will bounce back somewhat. But for the most part, if you want to get rid of it, plastic surgery is necessary.

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I lost 105 lbs. over two years, and I'm older and in a wheelchair. I didn't have loose skin like that. It really wasn't a problem. I stopped losing though, with still some left to go. I think it must really make a difference how fast you lose it. I think the recommended rate of a lb. a week is a good one to give the body time to adjust at all levels. I also have an internet friend who lost 115 lbs. in 2 1/2 years, and one who lost 155 lbs. in 5 years. Neither of them had problems with loose skin.

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Hi Amy,

It's Kay from the old SS thread and the official SSing site (100+). Nice to "see" you again. How are you doing? Are you still painting? Do you have a website with your paintings on? Hope you are doing well. You are right, those that lose slowly don't have nearly as much problems with loose skin. But I will gladly put up with the skin rather than have the weight back.

Kay in Minnesota

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Erica how overweight are you? The first time I lost all my weight I had been overweight since childhood and was in my 20's. I had a little saggy stomach skin but not too bad but I wouldn't wear a bikini either. Now I am 50 and a lot more sags naturally than did before. I don't think any amount of losing would change that. A lot depends on the elasticity of your skin and some of that is genetic. Would I have plastic surgery? Maybe but I am a wuss so I doubt it. Kathy

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Thanks for your honest replies. I guess it just comes down to the individual.

BTW, I have a minimum of 40 pounds to lose--possibly up to 80, if I went with a goal a doctor had for me some years back. I am 47 years old, and already have some of the "dreaded stomach overhang." I don't know whether to think it will get better as I lose weight, or get worse. Guess I'll just have to see.

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Hi all... I'm actually a patient coordinator for a plastic surgeon and deal with a variety of patients both young and older whom both have lost a tremendous amount of weight... and the honest truth is that once the skin has been stretched so far it will never tighten back up. It's most related closely to a rubber band that is stretched... it can only take so much before it never returns to its previous shape. Hope this helps... and good luck with your journey.

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