solar recharging

tim45z10June 3, 2014

Any idea the surface area of a solar panel required to charge a hearing aid battery?

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Probably very small. Without knowing the battery type and recharging demands, impossible to know.

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Assuming it's a 3 volt lithium ion rechargeable button cell ...

The panel will need to put out 4.2 - 4.5 volts at 100 milliamps up to 300 milliamps, but not more than that ... It will also need a circut to stop charging if the battery heats up too much or gets saturated and fully charged.

For a 1.5 volt cell, you'll want to charge at a maximum of 2.5 volts, 100 - 300 milliamps.

The higher the milliamp rating, the faster the battery will charge, but the more heat that will be generated. Some batteries can handle 500+ milliamp charge rates (fast charging), but some can explode with only 200 milliamps if they are small and delicate.

If you have a store nearby like Staples, Batteries Plus, Target, or something similar, you can ask for more detailed information concerning your battery and home charging needs.

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Apple will soon have an iwatch. Where you wear it is unknown. I thought about a hearing aid style, or behind the ear maybe. Curious as to what it would take to make it solar powered.

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