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nhsuzanneMay 15, 2006

Good morning all from flooded NH.

As you can see from this picture Dominick has had enough of the wet stuff.

We were fortunate not to have some of the extensive damage and only about 8" of rain this weekend. Surrounding towns have as much as 11" and it's going to rain a few more through Wednesday! My brook is rising but I still feel safe.

Dee, sorry about your knee. How did you do that? Dancing on the tables again? LOL

Happy Mothers day to all. Hope it was a good one. Mine was very wet but I spent a good amount of time in the barn cleaning tack and my tack room. It was nice to work as the animals munched away nice and dry.

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Hi all!

NHSuzanne--he's too cute for words! What a face! :):)

Just checking in before we leave for Canada. It seems like Someone upstairs doesn't want us to go, b/c things leading up to this trip has been interesting. Rog's assistant at work quit several weeks ago, and he hired a new one, and had to train him fairly quickly; his work schedule got wierd, and we didn't know if he could work things out; unexpected expenses; I have a serverly scratched corena from last Thursday evening that is not infected, but wildly inflammed (looks like a welder's flash in my right eye); and then Rog gets an email form his boss today (he had to work tonight b/c of ???problems??) that the problems he will work through tonight may be really bad. So...... I just wonder if Somone is trying to tell us something????????

But anyhoo--off we go! We'll be back late on the 23rd, and I hope to see Zig again on our way home!

Love to all, (and behave while I'm gone, Dee! :):))


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Good morning all,

This is the first time I remember having to move this to the top! Where are you all?

Maddie, listen to your instincts girl. Have a safe trip and have fun - you deserve it.

We need John to check in. His town got a whopping foot of rain with more coming!! Let us know you are okay brother.

Besh, how are you making out? I noticed that MA is getting all the press on the floods - NH always gets ignored! Like the mighty Merrimack doesn't run through NH or something! LOL. I have had enough, and you?

I hope everyone is okay.

Zig, I hope you and Maddie can tie up. It will be fun to have some stories.

I can hardly believe we are half way through May.

QOD: I am on my driving clubs by-laws committee and I am hosting a meeting at my house this Friday evening. I would love to have something quick and tasty like soup or stew that I could have in a crock part for them. Any ideas? I am at a loss right now.

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Maddie - I hope there were no other obstacles to overcome - have a wonderful trip!

Suzanne - Dominick is too cute and how smart is he LOL.

We have also had a ton of rain, but no flooding issues. Our grass was up to our knees, but it stopped long enough to mow it today.

Work has been very busy, so I haven't been able to steal a few minutes to check in and at night I am too tired LOL.

I am sticking with the trainer. I feel firmer, but still haven't had any noticable loss. I hope that comes soon.

Have a great evening.

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Hello Ladies,

Im doing OK, they floods havent even got close to my apartment yet, and even though Im 300 yards from the river, I live on a hill so Im not going to worry until I see an ark float by. I included a link that shows some pics of the mess though. The thing that is odd is that this is all rain water as we are 60 miles from the ocean. So all of this is from overflowing rivers.

NHSuz I tried to email you back but it got kicked back 3 times and woudlnt go thru :(

Other than lots of water same old same old. Got turned down for another job and my girlfriend is deciding to move to TX to live with her uncle for health reasons. Most people moan about too many problems, for me its lack of them, who would of thunk it.

Well back to work, the sky looks fairly clear today so hopefully that will help. I wont get much golf in this week, but I bet I could kayak just about anywhere here!


Here is a link that might be useful: Pics of NH flood

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Good Morning All,

The rain has FINALLY stopped, for the time being. I can actually see the sun and blue sky.\

John, thanks for checking in. It's a mess isn't it? I have a friend in Bedford who had to leave her home and the water was waist deep when they left. It's awful - I can't imagine.

Raeanne, it's good to hear from you. I was beginning to think this group disbanded! I guess it's good to be busy.
I have rejoined my gym and will start with a personal trainer. I am so sick of thinking about it!!

Okay everyone, check in and let us know how you are.

If anyone cares to respond to my QOD I would love some suggestions.

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Morning everyone

NHSuzanne ~ How about chili in the crockpot? You could have an assortment of toppings like, onions, grated cheese, tortilla chips, sour cream, jalepeno's etc to jazz it up if you wanted to. A side salad and maybe corn bread or muffins to go with it. I'm not fond of soups or stews in the crockpot because the veggies get to mushy for my taste

Raeanne ~ glad your lawn got mowed. DH started last night but only got a path cut out in the front before the rains came again. Now it looks awful and with rain predicted for the rest of the week who knows when he can get at it again :-(

Didn't hear anything different so Maddie must be in Canada by now. Unless things change we are going to hook up Tuesday afternoon. I am so excited to see her and her DH again.

Between work and family it seems like I am meeting myself coming and going for the last few weeks. I am hopeful things will slow down a little as soon as school is out.


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Good Morning,

My thoughts & prayers go out to all the flood victems.

Raeanne, I am with you. I am into 2 1/2 months of the firm. No weightloss, but I am firmer. I am still in the same size and frustrated. But, I plan to keep ticking along.

Erica's preschool graduation was cute. I can't believe how much they learned in the past two years. I will try to send Marci a picture to post.

Maddie, Have a great vacation.

Marci, enjoy your last week of school.


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QOD - I was going to say Chili too. Or what about a Beef Bourguignon - I have prepared it the conventional way and then transferred to a crock to keep it warm. Throw in a salad some nice crusty bread and a bottle or two (or more) of wine YUMMMMM.

Jen - we have been working out just about the same length of time. I did notice a slimming around my obliques and then today I noticed that my waist is slimmer, but nothing is buding where I really need it. We will stick together through this!

John - glad you are safe and have your kayak available if needed. I will check out the link later.

Come out, come out wherever you are...

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QOD; I was going to suggest a really hearty minestrone. I had one recently with 2 or 3 kinds of beans, spinach and some pasta. It was so filling and good with grated cheese on top. I agree that you need lots of crusty bread to go with any soup or stew. May I also remind you about the wine, suzanne? haha

John, thanks for posting those pictures. The shot of the road was amazing! Can't imagine how disruptive that would be for locals. Stay safe and dry.

I've been working from home all week while nursing this knee. Details later because I've got to check back in with my assistant on a project that's hanging in the air.

Zig, hope you get to see Maddie. Give her an extra hug for me please!

Take care, eat healthy, and NEVER NEVER GIVE UP!

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Suzanne and John - glad you are both OK. Has anyone heard from Besh? I saw a picture of Salem on the news and it was a mess.

Jen and Raeanne - I thought about the firm but never followed through (shocking).

The preschool graduation had to be adorable Jen! I can't wait to see pics.

Marci - lucky you - enjoy your last week!

Zig - I hope you and Maddie can connect - she should have a great time.

Dee - take care of that knee!

QOD: I also thought about chili with toppings, bread and, of course, wine. Whatever you have Suzanne you will have a great time.

I will check in later - have a great evening.


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Hi Guys!

Got back from KY---Maddie and I played text and phone tag the entire time. There is no cell or internet reception at my Aunt's house, nor at my Uncle's, so every time I went into town, I tried to connect---to no avail. We'll have to plan way ahead like we used to, to see each other.

My paretns just left---they visited for a week. They wear me out, but I love 'em. My dad has about a bajillion friends to see here and doc appointments galore, so the driving never ends. Then my mom feels neglected, so I have activities planned for her. Whew! Anyway, I get more worn out with them than with my kids!

Well, my sister arrives today in about 1/2 hour. She's staying 3 days and having surgery tomorrow. She tore her pierced ear, so she's having it repaired by a plastic surgeon. She ought to be loopy most of her visit from the after-surgery drugs, so maybe we'll just stick around here.

My classes are almost over---middle of June. I have a Philosophy class and Meteorology class this summer quarter, so that'll keep me busy.

QOD: The crock pot chili sounds good, maybe paired with an easy pasta salad. And wine. There's a new wine here called "Sweet Pea". It tastes like apples, kind of. It comes in a green bottle-really cute. I took my mom on the Winery Tour (St. Michele vineyards)and bought some Muscat and Eroica wines. Pretty yummy.

Diet has gone out the window, obviously. I may start again next week, but for now.....hooey. I've gained 12 pounds since DH's and my last finals. Arg. Never ends.

The weather here has been dry, but I've been reading about all the east coast RAIN! Build an ark!

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Welcome home, BJ! You sure get lots of guests, but who wouldn't want to spend some time with you. :-)

Well, this city gal just helped DH get a trapped bird out of our woodburning fireplace. Gimp leg and all, I did not do too badly. We hung a tarp from the stove to our french doors, which we opened wide! Then DH opened the door of the stove and out that birdy flew! Thank Goodness, because I was a wreck listening to it for 2 days fluttering around in there and pecking at the window to the stove.....was way too weak in the leg to help DH last night, and THIS gal did not want a big P.O.'d bird flying around the house!!

Raeanne, DH and I just finished watching Rachel...she kept mentioning where she lived as a child, the boardwalk, HoJo's, etc. Whenever I see her, I think of you.

Suzanne, what did you decide to make?

John, hope your week (and weather) has improved.

Joanne, thinking of you and your mom this week. Take care of yourself; make sure you have some time just for you.

Marci, was just IM'ing my friend who is in Pittsburgh on business and thought of you!

Donna, have not forgot about our meeting. I'm just trying to find some time...thought June would be good, but my calendar has gotten messed up because I was home this week and cancelled some meetings. Hope to catch up with you soon!

Jen, good luck with that new plan.

Zig, how's the weather up there? I'm hoping for some sun tomorrow and Saturday, but looks like you guys are sending us some rain!

[[[[[[[[[[[[Hugs to everyone who could use a big one]]]]]]]]]]]]

Amy, Patti & Dave, Gretchen, Besh......I miss all of you!


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Hi All,

I have been away from you all for so long, I don't even know where to begin.

This past weeks weather has been unbelievable. It seems that every part of the country has had their cross to bear and now this is ours. School was cancelled on Monday due to flooding and there are some towns around us that still have not gone back. Some of you may have seen Peabody, Mass on the news alot. That is the town right next to us. Those poor people really got hit hard. I live on a pond, so we were sweating it for a while, but fortunately it did not flood. We had some water in our basement, but had 2 sump pumps running and it did keep up with it. I feel very, very fortunate. Our problems were just a nuisance, there are families that can't even get back into their homes. Nothing like this has ever happened in this area. It is very surreal. Certain streets in Salem look like a war zone. The city has lined some of the streets with dumpsters so people can toss their stuff. Everything is full of mud and trash. It is so hard to believe that this is my town. And ..... Dunkin Donuts is still closed!! They were completetly flooded with rain water and sewerage. Nice huh? I think I'll be going to a different Dunkies for a while. LOL

John those pictures were unbelievable. There are many areas here that look the same. My brother is a fire fighter in Pelham, NH and says everything there is a mess. Suzanne, I'm glad that you did not have to build an arc for your animals!

My spare time has been consumed with finding a dress to wear to DS wedding in September. Who would have thought it would be this difficult. I am going to another bridal shop on Saturday. They are supposed to have the dress I've been searching for. I found it on line, but would like to actually see it in person before ordering. I hope this works out. It is not fun any more. I went with DS and the rest of the crew the other night to do the tuxes. My eyes welled up to see DS in his grooms clothes. He could be a model. So everyone got measured, all the bridesmaids have their dresses, Mother of the Bride ordered her dress and the brides dress is being made. So the only one that does not have anything to wear to the wedding is me! I know wah, wah, wah.

The rest of my time has been attending DS #2, Lacrosse games. The season is over next week, and I am finally understanding the game a little bit. What a violent sport! Ofcourse DS loves it and plays goalie, so my palms are sweating every game.

I hope everyone is doing well. I'm sorry that I don't really know what is going on here, but I think of you all so often. I will try to get back up to speed and keep up.

Love, Besh

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Ladies & John

I am here and lurking with so little time to do nothing more that skim read. Life is crazy busy and hectic and I am spinning out of control.

College Graduations, a wedding, a rehearsal dinner to plan, a DA@## Mother of the Groom dress to search for as I feel like a big fat Mother of the groom...

My son just graduated from college last week..drove down to the ceremony the same day and came home--over 8 hours of driving in the rain.

I had a trade show all this week and had to be downtown by 7:00 every day and I am just beat. I forgot a friends birthday which was the final straw that broke the camel's back. I started crying because that is so not me. She forgave me but spent that whole day at work being mad at me and I didn't even realize she was mad.

Besh- I have been on the search too for the whole dress thing. I feel your pain. I finally found a long skirt and beautiful top and feel so accomplished. I have searched the internet and stores of all kinds to find something that didn't make me look a million years old. I am a young 51 and I don't think I dress my age. No belly shirts...but just dress for someone in their early 40's.

BJ-I am up 10 pounds too...all my hard WW work is out the window. I really am believing that stress will make you gain weight.

I am paying off my car in January and after that with all my extra money, I think I am going to work with a personal trainer. I need to reduce my stress.

We havev begun our search for my DD's college choices. Where in the heck did the years go?? She just had a flukey thing happen to her. The Dr.'s think she has something called a uracal cyst. Kind ofr a left over cyst behind her belly button. Rare and will require surgery. Hopefully we can get it done before the wedding so she can recover and go back to playing travel softball.

Her nationals are out in Seattle BJ ...if you are reading this...perhaps we should meet? With the way your life and mine seem..We can just wave at each other as we pass by.

I will try to post more later...but I am beat down and tired..

Raeanne- Since you did the Boat Tour here in Chicago, I thought you would like to know what I am doing tonight. My great grandfathers home is being featured as part of the Frank Lloyd Wright Plus Tour this weekend. My family is invited to attend preview night so that the owners of his home can give us a guided tour. It is a classic beautiful home that the owners have maintained very well. My mom came for my son's graduation and has stayed with us this whole week so that she could attend this event too.

Back later.....


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Gretchen - if you have a photo or link to the house I would love to see it. I really admire how you are permanently linked to your city. I am sure the dress will look fantastic on you. You sure do have your plate full!

Besh - Glad you weren't too badly effected by the rain. We were hit very hard last Spring by rains/floods and know what you are talking about.

Dee - Rachael does a fundraiser every year at her old High School. The first year I went the auditorium was just about full, the next year they had to put people in the cafeteria and they watched her on a TV. I don't even try to go anymore. However I was at a checkout line the other day and her mother was in front of me. I found it funny that her mom referred to her daughter as Rachael Ray. I hope my DD's become so famous I call them by their full name LOL. I am glad you were able to release the poor bird. Sounds like your knee is doing a little better.

BJ - did your DD enjoy the trip to KY with you? I know you will lose the weight you gained, so don't fret over it.

Zig/NH Suzanne and anyone else that can relate to black flies, I got a bite on my arm yesterday and it is about 3" in diameter and itching like crazy.

It is still raining here with no hopes of sun until after the weekend. Yesterday was nice for a good part of the day and I planted the flowers throughout our town and did a little gardening at home.

We still have a lot of MIA's, come on and let us know you are okay.

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Raeanne: Here is the link. My great grandpa's house is the Probst house.

Here is a link that might be useful: Wright Plus

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Gretchen - I did a quick search to find out more - that is one of the most famous house walks ever. Your grandfather's house is beautiful. My daughters are going to Chicago in June and I am so excited for them to see the city. Thanks for the link.

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