Rodent home encapsulation

blakeasAugust 27, 2009

I have a problem with mice/rats entering my home. I have been catching them for the past year - around 1 per month.

I called an exterminator and he said he would need to get rid of the entry points of my home for these rodents to come in. He said the space between the gutter and the roof is one place so flashing with copper stuff it would be applied along with all gables, etc. plus I have hole where cables come in. He quoted me $1273 and that was with a discount!

I am trying to get opinions on what to do. I was going to close that one hole myself that is around cabling. Do I need to do this encapsulation?

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That sounds like a lot of money to me!

Block the cable hole yourself. You can stuff steel wool in the crack or there is some kind of foam spray which expands. I have no idea of your situation, so I just throw those out on the chance they would help. Wait and see if that solves the problem before doing more. If you use steel wool, check it frequently in case the rodents push it out of place.

If there is a place between the gutter and the roof, are they coming in through an attic?

If you continue to have trouble after blocking the cable hole, then I would get other prices before proceeding. Maybe a roofer could help you.

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