Weight Watchers at home

superbeeMay 25, 2004


I am new to this site and would like to participate actively once I get on some sort of diet :)

Has anyone tried Weight Watchers at home? I have just now gotten into exercise mode and am pleased that I am able to stick to my exercise schedule, so I was wondering if it might be ok if I did the WW kit at home instead of going to the meetings. Any ideas???


p.s. I wanted to do a search on this topic before I posted but this forum doesn't have a search!!!

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Hi - FYI - There are a lot of Weight Watchers items on Ebay at pretty good prices--various kits made up of different combinations of items, electronic point calculators, etc. (You have to be careful and make sure to get a kit that includes all you need!) When I was thinking about this before, it seemed like Ebay would be a much cheaper way to go than paying direct at WW's website.

Also, there was a thread here about figuring WW points on your own. I'll put the link below. I know there are WW people on the board, but it's been pretty quiet the past few days--I figured you might want some info quickly!

BTW, there *is* a search box on this forum, but you have to scroll down pretty far. It's just before "Post a follow-up".

Here is a link that might be useful: Weight Watchers points

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Thanks Erica. The link you posted is GREAT. I did look at Ebay and also at WW's own website. I am a bit concerned that the kits sold on Ebay are incomplete in some way.

For some reason, I don't have a search box at the bottom of the page. Hmmm...

Many thanks for the site though. Do you think that might replace the home kit? It seems to have a calculator and what not...

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superbee, I was just planning to answer your post at the KT and tell you about the Diet Forum. The site that Erica posted is my website. I've been doing WW for several months and have never joined or gone to a meeting. You can get all the information that you need either here, by asking someone, or from the many websites out there. From what I hear, the motivation at the WW meeting is great, but you can also get that here.

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Your website (and thanks to Erica) MADE MY DAY!!! Thanks so much for your recent post too (above). I feel so inspired now, I am going to try WW, using your website and the Diet Forum for inspiration. I am starting TODAY!!! I'll keep you all posted on how it works.

Thanks, thanks, thanks

Superbee who is looking forward to being a skinny bee pretty soon :)

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Oh and btw, what has been your experience with WW (looking for more inspiration here!)

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I found that counting points was one of the easiest things I've done. I lost most of the weight that I wanted to lose, but then we had Spring Break and I got off schedule. I haven't been able to make myself get back on the program since then. I've gained a few pounds back and they all seem to be in my stomach, and I hate that!!! I feel sluggish and I know it's because I'm eating the wrong foods. I keep coming here in hopes that I'll get back on the wagon again. So I'm looking for the motivation too!
I had got down to 132 lbs. and wanted to be in the 120's. Now I'm 137½, at least I was last week. I still weigh every Wednesday morning. I'll weigh tomorrow and hope that I haven't gained any more.

I forgot to mention that there is a chart that tells you how many points you should have a day. I think it's posted somewhere here at the forum. I know that if you are 150 or less that you are supposed to eat 20 points per day, plus you get 35 flex points a week to use (or not to use) whenever you need them. I'll see if I can find the weight chart for you and post the numbers here.

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Okay, I found the thread. The weight chart is several posts down, but you may want to read all the posts. WW Thread

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Yes I did check the charts. I need to eat 22 points a day. Plus I need to calculate what I am allowed when I exercise (which is nearly everyday) The threat link you posted was also helpful. I read all the posts on it. Thanks. It would be great to post here to give and receive motivation and inspiration! I went through your entire website yesterday and got a list of the foods I usually eat and the points for them. The site is SUCH A HELP. Thanks once again.


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Good luck, Superbee. WW has worked for me since February, and I'm looking forward to losing another 60 pounds on it!

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I weighed this morning and was 135. I was surprised! I am still eating the right food during the day. It's just when I come home from work that I've been cheating.
I'm hoping to become stronger by hanging around with all of you!
I also haven't exercised since Spring Break, but my co-worker and I plan to start walking next Monday.

Good luck to everyone!

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