Philips Magnavox TS3661 C129 36' Television Problem HELP!!!

yorkiewillisJune 10, 2005

Our Philips Magnavox 36" TV is having problems. (Model #TS3661 C129 / Chassis # 36K800 7591) After being on for a few minutes, the picture starts "bouncing". It actually reminds me of a ball that's being bounced from the sides rather than up and down. This comes and goes for several minutes then the television just cuts off. Sometimes the television will stay on for up to 45 minutes and sometimes it will only stay on for 5 to 10 minutes before shutting off. There's nothing wrong with the actual quality of the picture other than the "bouncing" (no lines, etc....) The audio is excellent, also. Can you please help us? I've read your posts, however, we have NO electrical abilities. lol Also, this set is less than 4 years old.

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Symptom seems to indicate possible defective solder connections in the vertical circuit, if the picture is bouncing up/down. If it is bouncing from side to side, or the sides are coming in and out, this would indicate connections in the horizontal circuit.

If the connections are severe enough in either circuit, this would cause shut-down of the set.

good luck,


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Hi Pee Wee. I would have to say that it's most likely the horizontal circuit. And believe me, I have no idea what I'm talking about. But, the picture is bouncing from side to side....but just to be safe ~ rather than sorry ~ can you tell me how to locate both the vertical and horizontal circuits? Are they a DIY project? And do these parts (circuits?) just need to be repaired or do they need to be replaced (because you only mentioned soldering).

Thanks a bunch!!!

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I agree, probably in the horz circuit. And yes, they should be repaired. No need to replace an entire circuit board, that a little solder and a hot iron will restore.

The horiz ckt is the one with the large transformer(ID#5445)with a large red wire at the top, going to the picture tube(located at the rear of the circuit board). Close to the h-v transf will be the horz output transistor(ID#7560), about the size of a postage stamp, but much thicker, that is clamped to the metal shield. The horizontal driver transformer(ID#5461), located in front of the high voltage transformer.

The legs of horz dvr tnsf 5461 is the part that usually gets defective connections. There are 4 legs. It's best to remove the old solder and apply fresh solder.

Of course you always examine the circuit trace for any indications of any other bad connections, while you have the bottom of the ckt bd exposed.

good luck,


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I'm really amazed. We went to Wal-Mart yesterday and bought a solder gun ~ with a complete kit ($20.00)....and the T.V. is FIXED!!!! You hit the nail on the head!!! I can't thank you enough!!! Thank you!! Thank you!!! Every place we called told us that just to "diagnose" the problem would be $60 and they would "apply" that to the final price of AT LEAST $200 to $250...."depending" on the problem....Thank you so much for helping us and everyone else here. Bless you!!!

Georgia & Michael

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You are to be commended for posting the proper symptom and then actually going ahead and "repairing the set"!!

It breaks my heart that soooo many good televisions go into dumpsters and then into a landfill!!!

A good description of the symptoms is a nescessity for proper diagnosis of the problem.

It is a shame that more people don't "analyze the symptom" and then post the symptom, then follow up and at least "attempt a repair".

bless you and yours,


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Hi Yorkiewillis,

I am experiencing the exact same problems that your tv had. I also have the same television as you do. My question to you is how did you open your tv to analyze the insides? I checked the back as well as the bottom, but I was not successful in finding any screws. Greatly appreciate if you can tell me where the screws are located open and is the process of opening the tv, identifying and replacing the damaged part a relatively simple task for a layman like me?


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Hi, Pee Wee. I look at it this way. We could've taken it in to get it repaired and paid an arm and a leg for that, thrown the T.V. out and paid an arm and a leg for another T.V. ~ OR, at LEAST tried to repair it ourselves (which was VERY easy AND EXTREMELY cheap) and "high fived" ourselves for a job well done ~ because of YOU. Now we're a little peeved because we threw a 27" out 4 years ago that could've most likely been repaired pretty easily. ARGGGGGGGGG!!!! Now we know better. I'm so thankful you're here. If you EVER have any "Military or Yorkie" problems, we're the people you come to!!! lol lol

Thanks again, Pee Wee!!

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The picture on my television appears to be pulled toward the corners, the picture then seems to pulse just before it turns off.
What causes this to happen?

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I have the same TV Model .... It was doing all of the things mentioned .... Now it's working Ok, but with Pin-cushioning at the Top and bottom ...Curved side of picture ... Do you think it is the same Transformer? It must be the Horizontal one since it is horizontal wrong but also the pic seems too tall for screen .... People on newscast are too tall ....The set doesn't turn off, but it usta did ....

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I said in my post that the set was working Ok .... meaning it is on and we can watch it but it still is very pin-cushioned .... So I have it opened up .... and the diode #6460 (in Frt of HV Xformer) is very over heated to the point that circuit board is brown ..... writing is missing off diode but diode doesn't look burnt .... I found a xformer but it is labeled #5464/5463/5465 I think this is the one, and maybe this is a later version PCB, I hope when I solder the bad solder joint the diode doesn't blow ....

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OK I found the right one xfromer sure nuff that was the problem. it was the 5464 though that had the cold solder joint, very obvious with my opti-visors on, just to be sure I soldered both. I put the set back together PWED on and it is fixed, Thanks Pee Wee, we have been watching this set broken for a year now my, Social security check can be used for something else now instead of a new TV.

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