Weekly Weigh-in 05/03/10

silverswordMay 3, 2010

Good Morning!!!

I got sick last week and didn't work out Thur-Sat. and binged instead :( Got 1.5 hours in yesterday then spent the rest of the day walking around a park with DD. Hopefully that makes up for it. I've been weighing myself and have stayed at 140, so when I weigh in tomorrow I guess we'll see. On the plus side my pants were a lot looser this morning. I need to remind myself that muscle weighs more than fat, and I've surely been building muscle.

Typical day at the gym:

Cardio for 30 minutes with 5 minute cool down. Approx. calories spent 325

Lifting weights 60 minutes: (I do a run of about 12 machines) 3 sets of 10 reps. 60-100 situps on the situp machine. Yesterday I was proud of myself because I'm up to 160lbs on the lower back machine.

Dry sauna: 20 minutes

My target areas are my thighs, waist and upper arms. I know it takes a while for the fat to fall off, but c'mon!!! My body just doesn't want to let go of those reserves.

Harold: 178/2/175

Ivamae: 154/1/145

Wodka: Start:160/0/150 (but with everything going on in her life, itÂs amazing she maintained!!!)

Marita: 140?/?/125 Â didnÂt weigh in last week

Silver: 138/4/125


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All the best for eveyone this week.

I weigh on Wednesdays so we will see what happens then.


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Good morning!

Silversword - thanks for the support! Now that I am no longer officially on WW, when Mondays were my weigh in day, I think I'll make Wednesday's my day. Weekends are too crazy around here, and Monday's are never a good day to start anything. That's my story and I'm sticking to it - ha!

Even though the oil spill hasn't yet officially made it to our Mississippi Gulf Coast, the smell of petroleum was very strong on Saturday. At least 20 sea turtles have already washed ashore, along with other forms of wildlife. They haven't confirmed yet that it's due to the oil spill, but it's a much larger number than usual. We will know more in the days to come.

So much happening - the flooding in Tennessee and Kentucky, the aborted bomb threat in NYC, tornadoes, oil spill. I really think I will leave the television off today, pray for those lost in the storms and flooding, pray that they get this oil crisis under control quickly, and pray that I don't eat my way through it all!

I'll check back on Wednesday!

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Hello, everybody. I guess I'm first to weigh in this week. I gained back the 2 pounds that I lost last week that I gained the week before. So, I'm not really getting serious yet.


I went to my nephew's wedding Saturday and ate lots of cookies. But even aside from that my calories have been pretty high, like over 2500. I've been splitting firewood, and working up an appetite. I cut down a big cherry tree that was shading my apple trees. Cut it up with the chain saw and now, I'm splitting it the old fashioned way, with a maul, wedge, and sledge hammer.

Wodka, that sounds like a real mess down there. Just what you folks needed only a few years after Katrina.

Silver, it looks like you are really working hard in the gym. I'm sure it will pay off.

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Oh Wodka!!! That's so sad. I've been watching the news and can't imagine what the impact will be on the animals, and on the jobs for people in that area.

If you have to eat your way through it, eat celery sticks!!!

Hi Ivamae, good luck on your weigh-in Wednesday!! What have you done fun/exciting/out-of-the norm the last week? Whatcha been cookin'???

Harold, don't cut down that cherry tree!!! Send it to me!!! :)

Today was my crazy-day. I work, pick up DD, then we go to Girl Scouts (I'm troop leader) then rush after that to Cheerleading. We don't get home until 7:30. And she has music lessons at the house tomorrow, so I was mad spot-cleaning because I can't bear to have a stranger in my house with it looking dirty. Cleaned out the fridge (tomorrow's trash day) No gym today, but I'm going tomorrow and I'll weigh in. Exhausted!!!

For tomorrow I'm having left over steak for breakfast, a chocolate protein shake with yogurt, some cinnamon applesauce for a snack. That should hold me over until I get home. Approx. 700 calories.

Have a good night everyone!!

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Don't worry, Silver. It's not that kind of cherry. It's a wild cherry.

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Well, I'm doing the happy dance this morning.

I lost 1.5 pouinds this week. This a total of 39.5 pounds. I'm so pleased.

I'm now at 152.5

Certainly drinking more water must be helping

All the best to everyone


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Ivamae, way to go! I just weighed and not quite as good as you, but lost a pound - 159. Totals 62.8 since 1/5/2009. I'm happy to be in the 150's, although would rather be at the lower end, like you! As long as the numbers keep going down, I'll take it.

After my 1 1/2 hour walk this morning, my neighbor said how good it felt to be so worn out, which sounds crazy, but I understood what she meant. To be doing something so good for our bodies is such a great feeling!

Hope everyone is having a good week.

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Congrats Iva and Wodka!! Happy dance indeed!

I weighed at the gym in the afternoon and was 140, but am not worried. Meant to weigh this AM but forgot, so my weigh-in will have to be tomorrow (I know, STALLING...) :)

My pants are a little looser, so I guess that's what I'm gonna get!!

And Wodka, I agree. Yesterday I thought cardio would kill me, but I felt so GOOD when I was done :)

Keep it up everyone!

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Ok, I'm happy :) I went to the doctor yesterday and stepped on the scale.... 139. In the afternoon, wearing jeans and shoes with a heel.

Stepped on the scale at home this morning and hit 136. So for the sake of accuracy I'm going to go on record at 138 this week. I'm sure that will be down by two by next week and that 136 will have stuck.


Have a great day everyone!

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silversword - way to go!!!

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thanks Wodka! We're doing it!!!

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139 on the gym scale today, with shoes, in the afternoon :) I FINALLY got to move that big weight thing on the scale over from the 140 to the 120 to weigh myself. Sure, it was 120 + 19... but still... being on that side of the weight felt great!!

136 on my home scale just now, after dinner, no shoes, in pjamas. YAY YAYAYA YAYAYAYAYAYAYA!!!

I am so excited. It feels so good to have validation of my hard work. I hope everyone is having a lovely evening.

(of course as I'm writing this I'm thinking... I want a snack!! I could make some popcorn... surely THAT wouldn't hurt! LOL.)

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135 this morning... I didn't go for the popcorn last night. I'm a crazy snacker, so it's so hard for me!!!

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Wow, way to go Silversword.

Happy Mother's Day, everybody.

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