extra TV or large computer screen in kitchen?

melissastarJune 21, 2010

I'm just starting a major kitchen remodel and would like to incorporate a fairly large screen (of some sort) above the refrigerator. Optimally, I would love to be able to both watch TV and DVDs on it and use it as an auxillary screen for my laptop computer, so that, for example, when my son and I want to look at something together, we can use it and I can pull up recipes online and read them from the cooking counter.

I am, however, an electronics idiot and haven't a clue as to what kind of wiring needs to be done or how to hook one thing up to another or what to buy. Right now, I have a Mac desktop in the adjoining Dining Room and a wireless router (right word?)for my laptop and my son's. I get my TV and Internet service from Comcast and I have a 36" flat screen TV in the family room nearby that I would consider using as the one in the Kitchen and replacing with a larger (slightly) one in the living area. The DVD player is in the family room.

Some random questions: Should I buy a computer screen or a new TV? Do I need to buy a second DVD player or can I connect the current player (or maybe a newer better model) to a second TV in the kitchen? Speakers?

Could some of you kind folks help me out and either tell me what I should do, or point me in the right direction for help? I'll need to get any wiring done soon, as the walls are down now, but won't be for long!

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I'd get a TV, as most new ones today will accept a computer output. They'll have better resolution and compatibility for TV as that sounds like what you do most. Some have a USB slot and ethernet ports so you can hook up to the network. An HDMI cable will allow you get High Def content there too.

You'll need a switch of some type if you want to use one DVD player on both TV's. Usually cheaper to just get a dedicated DVD player.

Best to enlist a local company or someone like Geek Squad to plot out a course of action for you based on your needs a specific equipment and access to run wires.

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antss: Thanks so much for the advice. I'll try to find a local company that get help. Meanwhile, I've got some better info to start with. Again, thanks

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If you are not a technology geek, forget about computer screen. I guarantee you;d have much trouble setting it up than a tv. Beside, tv have better viewing angle with built in speakers on most of them. You can even buy one with buit-in dvd player so you don't have to buy a second dvd player, though I wouldn't recommend it as the quality are normally much inferior. Yes, its good to get help from the company, but some sales are full of bull. Try to research a bit yourself.

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I think if you cook everyday, the steam and heat would not be good for the TV. Just my opinion.

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It can be Dione we hooked 2 tva up to computers one lap top and one pc tower. We hooked ours via the VGA connection. With this connection you will have to also hook up the external speakers. That's how wedid it for both cause computers were older. With a newer of you could hook up via the Hdmi and get the sound and the best resolution. One thing to consider is the new ipad. I don't know what the sound is like (loud enough) but it will play hulu and cover your surfing needs plus it's portable to other rooms. Just a thought.

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