Do new speakers hook up to receivers just like old ones did?

myclementineJune 4, 2009

I am trying to convince DH that we can get new speakers since his are pretty big and out dated. They are from early 90's. But since our small town doesn't sell just speakers we can't get look at a new set. So I hope you guys can help us. The question is, do new speakers hook up to the receiver just like these old ones do?



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I think the answer is a definite maybe...most speakers hook to a receiver's speaker output terminals (typically screw down type). Some use jacks (RCA or headphone). Either way most speaker could be adapted. What receiver do you have?

Many times the old speakers, if they don't have deteriorated foam surrounds are better than the new speakers, and if lucky may even be worth more on ebay if "classic", than new ones cost. Smaller is not better when it comes to sound.

In this day and age the receiver is more likely to be outdated than the speakers.

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eeagle. You have to read between the lines.

"...we can get new speakers since HIS are PRETTY BIG and out dated."

She wants to redecorate the room and wants those big old speakers gone. He still wants the stereo in that room. She is willing to accept keeping the stereo in that room if he will get rid of those big old speakers and the new speakers are much smaller.


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You are so right jdbillp! Wow, you are good at this!!! :-)
I will look everything up on ebay tomorrow since the yard sale starts early tomorrow morning. speakers are currently $10! lol They are ugly and I don't have the room. Have put up with them for ten years and they have to go.

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I lost that same argument as your husband...and lost my vintage JBL speakers, too.

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The type of receiver you buy has a lot to do with whether you plan on using it for surround sound with an HDTV, or whether you just want a stereo receiver for just listening to music. Similarly, the sort of speakers you need depend on whether you want surround sound or stereo. If you aren't getting a powerful receiver then you should get efficient speakers--at least 89db's or higher.

To give a good recommendation a budget idea is definitely warranted.


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Yup....We are talking WAF (Wife Acceptance Factor) a well know factor in sound system analysis.

This is why Bose marketing works so well, and is found in so many living rooms....ever notice how they too never talk specifications.

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