magnetic weatherstripping for steel frames steel door

rileysmom17January 14, 2007

I have industrial-sized double doors in my basement which are steel with steel framing - they are The DraftMasters! The tolerance on the frame is such that NONE of the standard foam or rubber weatherstripping works because I can't get the doors shut. I do not want to drill into the exterior metal to apply those strips with the rubber bumper. Has anyone heard of real magnetic weather-stripping? There is some stuff in Lowe's called 'magnetic weather strip' but it comes with screws and screw slots and seems to be made of aluminum. I am looking for something that sticks like a refrigerator magnet, or a clever way to convert standard exterior weatherstripping.

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I've used some stuff that looks like very thin plastic strip with self-adhesive . . believe it's called something like "V-seal" made perhaps by 3-M. It's a continuous strip which you cut to length and then fold in half; and stick to the door frame. It forms a V between the door itself, and the frame. While it does not insulate like foams do; it certainly stops drafts quite well if properly applied. The adhesive may not work real well in the cold. I'd also let the stuff come to room temp and straighten out before I attempted to put it on. It collapses to practically nothing when you close the door; unlike foams and such which take up pretty much a certain amount of space no matter what. I'd like to avoid drilling too on that door or frame . . . . I think most of your typical home supply chain stores will carry something like that . . . cheap too.


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Have you looked at the magnetic weatherstripping at ? I live in a condo with poor fitting doors. We just tested it out and it worked great. I'm planning on installing some myself. No screws, just magnetic side that attaches to the metal door and a flexible gasket that seals the crack between door and jamb. sells it in packs of 2 for $30.00. Worth checking out.

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Did you ever find magnetic weatherstripping? I also have commercial steel doors and need weatherstripping. I followed the links posted by jennifer, but once at the web site I couldn't find any magnetic weatherstripping. I am in an underground dome house that is supposed to be air tight, but I haven't been able to find weatherstripping that will work.

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