Low 'net' carb snack bars, chocolate, etc

esmileyMay 22, 2004

I'm attempting the low carb way of eating and I miss so many things; specifically snacks. I'm not sure how I feel about the "net" carb idea. I understand subtracting the fiber, makes sense; but, the sugar sorbitol is a carb and "doesn't affect your blood sugar so it doesn't count as a carb?" Does anyone include these treats and does it affect the success of your low carb way of eating?

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You are not going to like my answer, but here it is anyway: I don't trust any claim that a carb "doesn't affect your blood sugar so it doesn't count as a carb." I am also doubtful of the *sugar alcohol* talk - what is that anyway?
I do subtract the fiber from the total carbs when figuring the carb count on a label.

Snack bars that have even low carbs are still extra carbs; read the label, are you getting ANY nutrition from these things? Have you tried the recommended snacks on the low carb diets? You can fix peanut butter or lower fat cream cheese on celery, a rollup of ham/turkey and cheese, a deviled egg, low fat yogurt with sweetener and vanilla, cottage cheese with chopped cucumber and tomato, a low fat cheese stick, cold grilled chicken breast, cold shrimp (just had some of those, yum!), sliced cucumbers, celery, bell pepper and a dip, sugar free jello, nuts, turkey pepperoni, 4-6 oz. of V-8 or tomato juice, some tuna salad, and probably lots of other things I haven't thought of.

Have you tried pork rinds? I ate them on Atkins only occasionally and they weren't too bad. I'm trying to eat healthier on South Beach now, so I won't be buying them.

Personally, I would rather eat something knowing exactly what I am getting, when I am dieting or not. That's just my opinion.


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I completely understand what you're saying and I'm also hesitant to trust those "net" carb claims. However, I'm more inclined to trust the Atkins products than other brands. I haven't bought very many of the "low carb" snack or convenience foods, except for some of the Atkins Advantage bars to keep on hand at the office for those party days when everyone brings in food and I'm extremely tempted or if I'm running really late in the morning and don't have time to fix my lunch. The other exception I've made is that I picked up some Slim Fast low carb shakes. Just got them today and I'm going to try to figure out a smoothie recipe -- the vanilla shake, some fresh berries, ice, maybe a little Splenda. I'd much rather have a good fruit smoothie than ice cream.


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Thanks Teresa and Janet, that's pretty much my thoughts as well. It seems the market has been bomb-barded with "low carb" products that it gets confusing.

Janet, I bought the Atkins Advantage bars for just the same reason, and even there the actual carb count scares me (unfortunately, not enough to not eat a few - taste is not bad in a pinch). Alas, I fear I must make my own; which, by the way, Teresa you laid out a terrific list, thanks.

The good news is I love to cook, and experiment (the garbage can's lips are sealed).

Thanks again..... Ellen

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I like to keep those snack bars on hand for emergencies - I'd much rather reach for an Atkins low carb bar over a snicker's bar! Some of them are very good. We also keep low carb ice cream bars for the same reason.

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