little 12db amp question...

andrelaplume2June 4, 2007

I guess I just made the split that broke the camel's back. I added a dvd recorder this weekend. I added a two way splitter at the wall where the cable used to go to the cable box. It now goes to the dvd recorder as well. The picture with the recorder's tuner is somewhat pathetic. I put the little 12db booster between the wall and splitter and the picture improver...on the tv too! Two questions....

1) Should put the booster in the basement where the cable enters the house just before the 4 way splitter down there---maybe all tvs get a better picture...? 2) The booster package say it will not work with digital cable boxes...what the heck does that mean...I thought the cable compainy's box we had was digital?


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I'm not sure on this but I believe you lose about 1/2 the signal with every split, no matter how good the splitter.

Signal boosters can create two problems. One, they can leak noise back into the line and cause problems with the neighbors reception. You may have the cable company knocking on your door, they have a device which they can use to track down these leaks.

Two, your cable box is most likely addressable, which means that it sends information back to the cable company (Yes, they can tell what you are watching at any time). This is necessary for Pay Per View and all those new nifty interactive features with cable. Some boosters will block the ability for this two way communication.

I recommend that before you boost you see if the cable comapny will come into your home and check the signal at each of the TV's and the recorder. They may want to change the ends of some of the cables (which will help!) or make other suggestions. Just make sure that you know if you will be charged for the visit.

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The CC actually rewired the ome with RG6 and left me with many rg6 cables for connecting everything. They said I had good strength to the tv and likely will blame my split. The STILL do not have PPV on my street so I am not going to worry about that. If they want to come knockin', that fine with me, I asked for them to boost the signal or provide me a booster when they were hear months back...they said it was not necesary.

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