Nano Solar Technology - When will we see it?

razlJanuary 29, 2008

I saw a renewable enegy documentary on Discovery a while back. One of the topics was on a new type of solar cell that was around 3 times as efficient and cost per kw was significantly less compared to current PV cells.

The breakthrough was that using nanotechnology, this thin film structure was able to make electricity using the non visible light spectrum (infrared).

Anways, it looks like Nanosolar are the pioneers of this technology and have partnered up for volume sales in Europe.

Does any other firm have this technology and when the heck are we going to see it in the USA. This breakthrough sounds too good limit it's distribution.

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probably 2-3 years when they get done doing life cycle testing oversees. that is what first solar did with their panels. I read somewhere that they are now selling them in the USA.

I read that other companies are working on the same technology. One is working on ramping up to production a nanotechnolgy film structure that is 46% efficent.

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It's out there now! They are using it in roof shingles there is a company called

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Ah! The "Solar Breakthrough of the Week Club."

For the last thirty years, there have been frequent announcements of breakthroughs in solar power that will shortly result in dirt-cheap solar power.

I'm still waiting...

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Just because we aren't seeing it happening in the US doesn't mean that it isn't happening....

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some more links.

Toledo museum of art puts solar cells on roof

Large scale production of solar panels planned

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