poor signal on s-video cable (scrolling lines)

pinballsandsJune 28, 2008

My lcd tv has two s-video inputs and I have two satellite receivers with outputs. I tried different combinations only to have the same result. I cleaned and inspected the connectors many times and see no problems. Frustrated, I hooked the coaxial wire back up and left the s-video hooked up as well. Surprisingly, the scrolling lines went away. Is this a ground problem in the s-video cable?

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If your LCD has only S-Video tv inputs it must be very old. Most LCD's in the last 5- 10 years usually had component, DVI, or HDMI inputs. DVI and HDMI are digital inputs and are similar, except DVI only carries video, while HDMI can carry both audio and video. S-Video mostly goes back to VCR days and doesn't have the quality of component or HDMI.

I'm suprised your satellite tv receiver doesn't have an HDMI output. If your LCD is that old and only has DVI there are HDMI/DVI adapters at Radio Shack and various online electric stores.



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