Kitchen cabinets odor from cigars

AneliaAugust 8, 2002

Hi everyone,

We just bought a home where the previous owners were smoking cigars for very long time. We are getting rid of the smell by painting the walls, refinishing floors, ventilation, etc., but I can't get the kitchen cabinets free of this smell. I have try 409 cleaner, soda, vinegar, and nothing seems to work. It is so bad, that all of our kitchenware stink...

Any help is appreciated.

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Use 50/50 cloudy ammonia and water to wash out the insides of the cabinates. Use strong ventilation with a box fan.
If that doesn't work, use 50/50 Clorox bleach and water, and use a trigger sprayer to mist it on the inside walls. One of those should do it.

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Thank you ranchhand. I'll try it this weekend and I'll let you know how did it go:)

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Did you clean out or replace the hood fan over the stove?

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We don't have a hood fan yet. The shelfs are covered with contact paper. So, now I'm trying to tear it off, but this take very long time, because the paper is just stuck to the wood. Unpleasant!

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Hi there,
I used 50/50 Clorox bleach and water for the cabinets, but the odor is still there:( Not as strong as before, though. Is it because I didn't tear all of the contact paper? Maybe I should go one more time with amonia.
Wish me good luck:)

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I would suspect that it is; try using a stronger solution, say maybe 80/20. If it is less, you are on the right track.

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Use a hair dryer to heat the contact paper and soften the adhesive. It will come off more easily.
I wonder if Nature's Miracle would work for smoke smell? Worth a try.
Linda C

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