Phillips 27PT6441/37 no picutre

mickeys2June 19, 2007

I have a Phillips 27PT6441/37 27" flat CRT TV and there are a few issues I'm having with it.

First and foremost the Line Fuse blew out and I know that I need to replace the T4E250V 4A 250W slow blo fuse. If the degausing coil is hooked up the fuse blows before you even turn the TV on, but if you leave the coil unhooked the fuse doesn't blow upon plugging it in and the TV powers on (looks like it needs degaused though).

Secondly I got some advice from a website that if this is happening, the fuse blowing upon plugging it in with the degausing coil hooked up, to replace the PCT? I don't know what the PCT is, or where its located or what to replace it with. I however am not the one doing the work to this TV, there are two people doing it that know what to do once they have the information. NO one wants to give it out though so they can make money on it.

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