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nhsuzanneMay 17, 2010

Good Monday Sunshines,

Tikanis, what a great gift! I too am a CSN(&Y) fan from way back. And even Manassass before them with Stephen Stills. I am hopelessly stuck back that musical era. My favorite station on Sirius is Deep Tracks. Enjoy, enjoy.

Dee, I didn't know the wedding was in the DR either. Can you ship the dress to the hotel ahead of time? Might be worth the $ vs the hassle.

Raeanne, how was your weekend? I know it was a smashing success but did you get to enjoy any of it?

Jan, I wish it would rain here so I could stay in and watch a movie! The weather has been so splendid that all my time is spent outside. Every week now I have two fields to mow and another huge lawn plus the chicken park! The horses can't eat grass that fast so I must keep it mowed. Where's the justice? I want to see all those movies but it will probably be winter before I do.

DH and I spent the weekend working our butts off as usual. Got alot done which is always gratifying but there truly is no end to the work. I did ride Casey and walk Sweet Pea which was my greatest joy!

I still need to get my garden planted. I am getting itchy to get that done. Maybe this evening I can get started.

Check in everyone, I miss you.

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Good morning, Suzanne and all!

Had out of town company all last week, so that knocked me off my regular schedule. Lots of dining out and not working out much, and that wasn't good! :( This week is going to be weird, too, because I'm going out of town early Thursday morning until Sunday night for a sorority convention in Lubbock. I have the next 3 days to work out and get packed.

Loved the pictures of Donna's new dogs!
Dee, hope the party was a lot of fun for you. Good luck with everything wedding-wise!
Suzanne, you make me tired just reading about your weekend. Mine was lazy and mostly indoors because we finally got a lot of much-needed rain starting Friday night.
Jan, great to read your post last week.
I'm sure I've forgotten some, and I apologize. I'm hurrying to get out of the house for my workout, but I wanted to stop and say 'hi'!

Have a great Monday, everyone!

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Good Morning!

Well Suzanne, you sound busier than a one armed paper hanger, as my friend likes to say. What will you be planting this year? I want to grow some luffa gourd, but have not had much luck. I get seeds that won't germinate or finicky plants that fizzle out at about 4" tall!

How is Sweet Pea coming along? I want to see chicken park photos! I am imagining chickens riding on merry go rounds, chickens on teeter totters, three legged chicken races.... ; )

Raeanne, we need details on the GF's weekend! I have lurked a bit on FB and it looks like it was a BLAST!!

Payroll today and I am calm and cool as a cucumber. I have not panicked over payroll for 2 months now, thanks to hyper- organization and the help of DS, who has learned the paperwork end of my biz frontwards and backwards. This is shaping up to be a fun week; interesting patients, the chance to learn from a wonderful home health consultant in my new directorship etc.

I have been in a maintenance-type eating mode for about 4 weeks and have done well. Today I start cutting back the calories just a bit to lose the last 11 lbs (might make it 15 to give my self some wiggle room). I can't believe that I am finally at this point! Most of all, I feel HEALTHY; no more asthma symptoms, no more prednisone and LOTS more energy!

I wish those MIAs would check in...


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Well, I'm checking in and wishing everyone the best.

My week-end was very, very slow, as I must have pinched a nerve and spent most of it in bed. Hoping the rest of the week is better.

will weigh in on Wednesday but have got no exercise, even walking, so don't expect to have lost the pound and a half I gained.

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I have to say that everything went better than I could imagined and I have had wonderful feedback. We had 96 women there and they just had a ball. I have been "invited to do it again. I didn't get to join in very much, but I can honestly say I got more than enough enjoyment watching everyone else have a blast. I was able to join 26 women for a nature hike yesterday.

Tikanis - I hope you saw the photos of the kayaking - that could have been us LOL.

Suzanne - maybe next year I can convince you. You could do a workshop on creating your own chicken park LOL.

Milkdud - enjoy your visit with the sisters.

Ivamae - Hope you are feeling better.

I am going to go put my feet up for a few moments before I have to think about dinner.

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Raeanne, you deserve that rest! What a weekend, eh?? Try and relax this week if you can. Putting together an event of that magnitude has got to be EXHAUSTING!

Suzanne, I think we should ALL go to Raeanne's GF event next year. Nothing like a good chicken park workshop, I always say! Ha Ha! Seriously, can you imagine the TROUBLE we could get into if we all met up??

Ivamae, I hope that you are feeling better.

I made it through payroll and am now working on review of documentation as part of my directorship duties. We are in the process of licensing for Medicare and our initial survey can occur (surprise!) any time after June 1st. It's quite a feat for a start up agency to get certified these days. Talk about jumping thru bureaucratic hoops! Am also responsible for supervising all other disciplines (LVNs, home Health Aides) in the field and familiarizing myself with all of our patients.

I LOVE a good challenge!

Have a grape day, the bunches of ya!


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Good Tuesday all,

Raeanne, I am so glad to hear that your weekend went well. Good job! Not sure about a workshop on chicken parks! It's a work in progress since we cleared all our land last year.

Check it out:

This is before tree cutting:

This is the meeting we had where we decided to cut the trees to create a new improved chicken park:

Timber!! The chickens were not so sure this was a great idea after all.

But everyone was pleased with the results, the chickens that is, we humans now have to cut and groom constantly! Still, it will be fun to choose new plantings but we are going slow here. The chickens have a blast running around in the sun. And all that grass...

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Tikanis, maybe we should all plan on attending! We have a year to pull it off. Let's all think seriously!

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Oh Suzanne!

I could easily live at your house! Those pics are GORGEOUS!
tell the chickens to move on over and I'll bring a sleeping bag ; )

I can see us attending the next GF get away! Should we start planning?

Raeanne, I'll bet that you are still recuperating!

It's hump day and I feel like I will run out of week before I run out of work! Ha Ha! Time for a little head clearing, so I plan to hop on that treadmill and meditate this afternoon. I don't know why, but it works!

What is everyone up to today?


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My professional and personal life are still incredibly hectic, but I can't complain about very much. I feel very blessed.

The actual wedding will take place in DR, and they are throwing themselves a 'reception' at the end of June in a typical NJ wedding factory with 190 or so in attendance. She was going to really be laid back about the reception, but it has turned into the usual around here that costs more than an average auto!! I guess it's a NYC thing, but it is such a stressful situation for the bride. I'm so grateful that she is coming to me with lots of her concerns; she has been incredibly generous in sharing her life with me.

Got to run and catch up with work. I hosted a scholarship luncheon here at the office for our local high school recipients....I'm the Scholarship Chair on our community outreach team, but as you all know, it's not my 'day job'! It is the fun part, tho!

Make this week count!
Love to all

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Tikanis, YES, let's start planning!

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Good Morning!

I am SO looking forward to being the mother of a child who lives AT THE DORM!!!! I love him to pieces, but that DS is on my last nerve!

I have a fun, patient care morning planned; diabetic and wound care education. I always told my kids: "Mom loves blood and guts; aren't you glad I indulge at work?" Ha Ha!

What does everyone have planned for the weekend? I am kayaking at the crack of dawn, then going to a paddle expo in Newport on Saturday morning.

Then I am going with Sis to "get our eyebrows done". Now, I am not quite sure what that means... Do they pluck them? Wax them? Are we talkin' PAIN here? Please inform...
The rest of the weekend is up for grabs.


Happy Thursday!


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Good Thursday,

Tikanis I too loved when I had the house to myself! I LOVE the crack of dawn. You see the best things then. You will probably have your brows waxed. It only hurts for a second! Way better than plucking. I had mine done via electrolysis years ago and have never regretted it. It's nice to be free of the endless plucking/waxing. Make sure you go to someone who knows how to shape your eyebrows too. I see more poorly shaped brows.

Raeanne, have you recovered yet?

I will be mowing, mowing, mowing again this weekend. I love it though it always looks so nice when it's done.

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One more meeting left to put this girlfriend stuff to bed for now. I am still getting such positive feedback, it feels good to have such hard work pay off.

Suzanne - I love the photos thanks, especially the one of the chicken meeting - how adorable is that - that would make one funny greeting card.

Tikanis - Waxing or plucking hurts but only for a short time. What we put ourselves through. Glad you are getting some paddling in this weekend!

Yes, girls come next year, we would have a blast! I already have some new fun ideas for the next one.

I have to get ready for work, but wanted to say hello.

Have fun.

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It's FRIDAY!! YAHOO!!!!!

Did you hear that Suzanne?? We are invited!! Yipee, let's start making plans. Never too soon, you know! I think that it's a great idea.

Raeanne, poor baby! What an undertaking for you. I hope that you rest this weekend. And I hope that the positive feedback keeps rolling in! How nice to be appreciated for all of your hard work, even if it was a labor of love!

Starting my weekend off right, with an early dinner with DD and a little shopping. Sunday after church, I plan to spend some "quality time" parked in front of the Dodger game, then read the paper on my porch as the sun sets. AHhhh. I am READY for the weekend!

What does it take to get these MIAs to check in???

: ) Tikanis

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Raeanne, I'm in for the GF weekend!

Tikanis, I wax my brows and have forever, it hurts a split second if that and it's over.

Dee, enjoy the wedding planning. Your step daughter knows she's got a good person in you.

Suzanne, loved the pictures!

Milkdud, how was your week??

Hi to all - have more furbaby pics (you will be sick of them) but have to download.

Busy weekend ahead.

Enjoy the weekend and have FUN.


PS: Almost forgot, went to back WW last night, weighed in and got depressed but wasn't shocked. It proved my home scale is correct :-( Today was Day #1 (again) but it's over and I think I did well. I am very, very ready this time..it's not just I want to look better (which I do!) but it's health related now..no more fooling around!

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