Will desuperheater lessen the size of hot water tank needed?

fish7577January 25, 2010

I'm installing a geothermal system with 2 units (one 3 ton with desuperheater, water to air, and water to water capability; the other a 2 ton water to air). Since the desuperheater will help with pre-heated water into a storage tank, will it noticeably improve my supply of hot water? We're building a 3300 sq foot home with 2 adults, 3 children. There are 3 1/2 bathrooms. The regular water heater will be a gas powervent tank unit. Is 50 gallon adequate?

My storage tank is actually a new 40gallon electric water heater, but we didn't plan to connect the electric. If I find myself without enough hot water, could I set the electric "holding tank" at a low temp?

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You should find that you will have more hot water capacity with a desuperheater and a buffer tank for any given active tank size. The buffer should be 40 gallon and never be active. I would recommend 60-gallon for the active tank. I would also recommend that a desuperheater from each geothermal unit feed the buffer tank.

In your case, where the active tank would be gas heated, you also would have the option of, instead, installing an 'On-Demand' gas DHW system fed by the desuperheater(s) & buffer tank.


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Check out www.geoexchange.org and www.greenbuildingtalk.com to learn more and get more answers.

I have a 50 gal buffer and an 80 gal domestic hot water heater. The buffer simply recieves the extra heat from the DSH and passes the warmed water on to the heater to be raised the rest of the way. It is not on ordinarily, but it can be turned on should I ever need a lot of extra hot water, such as when we have a lot of guests during the holidays or summer weekends.

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