Hitachi TV - No Sound

cherryfizzJune 6, 2005

I was watching television last night when our power went out. I unplugged the television set and when the power came back on 3 hours later my television had picture but no sound. (yes I plugged it back in LOL)

I really can't afford to take the tv in to get fixed right now and I am wondering if this can be fixed at home. I am electronically illiterate but my brother has a little bit of knowledge about these things so any suggestions would help.

The television is a Hitachi 20 inch stereo. The numbers I see on the back label are Nov 1993 - S3K058431

This television is my lifeline LOL - everything is attached to it including my internet.



(whose used to love going on television repair house calls with her dad when televisions were made with tubes)

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Call up the customer menu, look at the audio setup, see if there is a "speaker off/on" command.

This is a fairly old set, so there may be a speaker switch on the back or the front, so look around.


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Thank you for your reply PW.

I didn't find any type of button on the television and I don't have the original remote for it anymore. I don't think y webtv remote can access the television menu so I bought a universal remote to see if I can access the television menu. Stupid thing only lets me access the picture, autoprogramming, channel memory but not the area where the sound is controlled.

Oh well, I guess I'll have to bring it somewhere to be fixed. I just wanted to avoid that.



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