Advice on purchasing 42' or LCD tv.

tinker1121June 19, 2007

We need to ditch our old console tv and modernize.

I read an LCD is better than plasma but not sure why.

Please recommend best LCD tv and how to know if it is a good price or not and best place to puchase.

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Look down. I posted an explanation between the two for another person. LCD is not necessarily better than Plasma. It all depends on how you intend to use the TV, where it will be located, how close you will sit to it and how big you are looking to go on what budget.

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Look for a LCD or Plasma TV that's 1080p with at least 2 HDMI outputs.

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i don't know about one being better than the other ,but the plasmas do have the "burn in" issue .personally i would go lcd for a flat panel or a dlp for a rear projector.

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I just bought a Samsung 4661F. At 46 inches, it's a little bigger than what you're looking for. It's a full 1080P LCD set. Both colour and contrast are fantastic. The matte-finish screen almost eliminates glare from our skylights. The set itself is 43.3 inches wide - a good size for our small home.

The bottom speakers sound just OK. So I connected the optical output to a new Yamaha home-theatre receiver and speakers. The sound is now spectacular. One caveat...The TV volume control has no effect on the optical output; I have to use the Yamaha volume control, instead.

A word about optical cables...DONT FALL FOR THE HYPE! Okay...that's several words. What I mean is don't pay top-dollar for them. The cheapest 15-dollar Phillips optical cable will sound just as good as a 110-dollar Monster cable. The signal flowing through them is digital, so it either works, or it doesn't. There's no "sounds better or worse". Both wal-Mart and Targét carry the cheaper ones.

Another thing...HD signals are transmitted in the same band as analogue UHF. This means any antenna or coax cable designed for UHF TV will work for HD - even if it's 30 years old. There is ZERO difference between an "old" analogue UHF TV antenna and an "HD-ready" one.

I didn't have a TV antenna to start with, so I used a scanner/HAM radio "discone" antenna in the attic. It works just fine.

We considered buying the Samsung 4665F. Yet it was 3 inches wider than the 4661F - even though both have 46 inch screens. So it was a little to big for the available space. That wider space puts the speakers at the sides instead of the bottom. So the sound is a little better. Of course this means nothing if you connect it to a home theatre system.

The 4665F is also an LCD. However, it has better contrast because it has a glossy screen. Unfortunately, it has also more reflected glare. That's another reason why we chose the 4661F, instead. Our 4661F has plenty of contrast, anyway.

We paid about 2250 for the Samsung 4661F. The 4665F is about 350 more. If you have AAA, go online and get your 10% coupon for Circuit City. 10% off a 2500-dollar purchase is 250 bucks :-)

Good luck !


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