Do I have a TV problem or DVD or Antenna problem?

astrovelJune 27, 2009

The volume on my digital TV is lower than I think it should be. When viewing the OTA networks, the sound is fairly good but still is about 3/4 way on the audio scale. But when I try to watch a DVD, the sound has to be all the way maxed out and I still can't hear what is being said much of the time, especially if an actor is speaking in a low voice or whispering, and the sound is kind of muffled.

The DVD player is quite new, but has no sound settings that can be adjusted so volume must be adjusted with the TV remote.

I don't know if the HDMI cable connected from the DVD player to the TV might be bad???? Do they go bad? If that is the case, I shouldn't be able to view the OTA networks thru the DVD player??? and I can view them but the volume is the same as with the TV remote.

I am not getting perfect signals from my digital antenna because it needs to be adjusted on the pole but I am getting enough channels to judge the sound volumes.

What would cause the sound to be so low and muffled from the TV in both cases, OTA channels and also the DVD?.

Might it be the audio within the TV itself? Why would playing a DVD make it worse?

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some TV's have a smaller amplifier/speakers than others...

Some DVD players (depending on model number) have a volume adjustment with the remote.

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From the information given, the reason for the low sound levels from the DVD player are likely because you are using your 2 channel TV speakers instead of a receiver which can decode the 5.1 to 7.1 channels of sound provided on the DVD. At the main menu for a DVD, Try selecting Setup, Audio and pick Dolby 2.0 or whatever 2 channel audio track is available if possible. That should improve the sound level of dialogue that would normally come from the center channel in a 5.1 speaker configuration. Some DVD's may not have a 2 channel mode available.

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Also, if you recently replaced an older tube type standard definition TV for a newer flat panel HDTV, you're probably noticing the effect of the much smaller speakers required for the flat panel TV. Not that any TV speakers should be considered adequate for DVD playback, but flat panel sets can sound light in the mid bass frequencies compared to older tube TV's.

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