Direct TV Sound issue

lanternsdanceJune 15, 2008

Alright, its kind of ironic that the first question I have to post on this forum is on electronics but, regardless, I'm perplexed.

My brother recently moved back in with my parents and had free reign of the electronics for about four months before I came back to visit for a while--which means I'm left with trying to /fix/ everything. This means, completely reformatting and restarting computers and fixing whatever he has done to tvs.

I've got the computers, but the tv's are not something I understand.

My parents have Direct TV, my brother attempted to connect a PS2 to it, and in the process retained pictures, but killed the sound.

I've unhooked everything, and replaced all the cables into their presumable right places (red goes in the red slot etc.) and it looks like it should be working---it seems to match the other tvs.

However, the tv claims it can't find the 'stereo' sound system (only the mono) and there is no sound. If you turn the TV itself onto another channel you actually get to hear fuzzy sound of a random channel but when its on the direct tv box, nothing.

So, anyone have any idea of what my brother did to it? The sound works on the tv technically, just not on anything my parents would want to watch.

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I'm not sure (I switched back to cable a few years ago)

He may gave changed the TV's Menu Setup to turn OFF the TV speakers.

And changed the DirecTV Menu Setup Audio Output from Analog to Stereo or Digital. (change it back to Analog)

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There is a Direct TV forum. Google for ~ forum OR discussion OR group "direct tv".

The Dish TV forum is better than Dish TV support. I cannot speak to Direct TV but you may want to try there is suggestion here do not work.

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