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cheeseburgerJune 13, 2007

I am finally getting rid of dial up for hopefully something much faster. I've been reading a lot about splitters or filters and I think the splitter is more sensible. Then the wiring. My house has four wire 22 awg copper. Red, Green, Yellow and Black.Only the red/green are used. My question is can I carry the DSL on the black and yellow wires from the NID by installing a DSL splitter and then replace existing phone jacks with a dual faceplate plug in red/green wires to voice and black/yellow wires to DSL?

Sidenote: A few feet of Cat5 cable makes no difference if the Telco has run a thousand feet inferior cable? Thoughts. The house wiring is 30 years old.

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Are you planning on moving the modem they give you around your house to all your changed out double wall jacks ?

Unless you have more than 5 wired up phones - You might want to wait until you're hooked up with the line filters and see if the speeds you achieve are on par with the advertised speed you pay for. Might be quite happy, with just the filters.

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Are you talking about DSL that use the telephone line at your home? In that case all you have to do is to connect a telephone cord, usually supplied by the ISP, one end to the back of the DSL, and the other end to the telephone jack on the wall. The ISP should be the telephone company that provides telephone service for you, so now you pay for a telephone line, plus the DSL service.

The ISP also provides you with at least two line filters along the DSL. The filters are connected between each telephone in the house, and the telephone jacks on the walls. If you have more than two telephones, then you will need a filer for each one.

All the filters do is to block the noise from the modem connected to the same telephone line. It means that you don't need two separate phone lines, but just one telephone line for both the DSL modem and the telephones. If you don't use the filter on one of the phones, then you will only hear the noise the modem is making. Have you ever dialed a number on the telephone that leads to a fax machine? You do remember the sound you heard? That';'s what you hear when you don't use a filter for the telephone when the modem is active.

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