SS Support - Memorial Weekend 5/28-5/31

deemarie5500May 28, 2004

Let's Get This Weekend Started.

Besh, get your hands out of tha bag of Rolo's!!!!!!!!!

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Besh, you are too funny! Put the ROLO'S DOWN AND BACK one will get hurt! What's going on??? My whole week has been like that. I have been positively eating and drinking out of I hope your day improves it's supposed to be a decent weekend too.
Good morning everyone!

Raeanne, so glad you are going to exhibit your work. I don't recall seeing the still life. Did you show us?

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Now there is an oxymoron: positvely eating and drinking out of control!!! Like that's positive!

Let's have a party today!

Anyone heard from Maddie?

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No news from Maddie yet.


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My still life is of a red pepper, onion, 3 plums, a lemon and a yellow apple. It started out fine, until a student from the Saturday class ate one of the plums, and then the following week someone had moved it around YIKES. So I had to fudge it a bit - it didn't bother me that much, because I took it as more of an exercise than a painting that I would ever do anything with. But if he ever does that again, I will leave him a little note.

I have to go home and bake for tonights Open House - and I feel very vulnerable to food right now - so this will be a huge challenge. I would make something I don't like - but I like everything LOL.

Besh - those Rolo's would be talking to me too.

Thanks for all those encouraging words - you girls really know the right things to say!

I will post it after this weekend - unless I sell it, YEAH RIGHT, LOL.

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Checkin' in....

Got new glasses today-very mod. Lost my other ones at the beach a couple of weeks ago.

Raeanne---Make something, eat one, and forget it!

Besh: Yum, Rolos! Give that bag to someone or go flush the rest---NOW! I ate some cookie dough last night and it was so good, but I'm off that craving now. I am being good today. Raisin Bran for brekky, salad for lunch.

Maddie, that's it. I'm calling you.

NHSuzanne---Wellllllll, how's end of month coming along? :)

DeeMarie~ Miss Motivator, living up to your name, I see.... :)

Patti, KYSusie, JOHN!, Joanne, SusieQ et al, join in the party!

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MyKeyoardIs broken.DoingCutAndPasteTo Correct.Instead OfCorrectig All,JustTrying ToMake ItReadable. ExpectToGet Another OneMonday.

Can'tDo WW With Carbs-Too Carboholic.


SomeDear Internet Friend SentMe An
Anonymous GiftThat IReceived Yesterday.
IThinkI MightKnow Who,butnot SureSinceIHave A numer ofIncredibly WonderfulCaring FriendsHereAnd OtherForums. ThankYou,DearFriends. YourCaringMakesMeCry WithGratitudeAndComfort.(((((HUGS)))))))


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Hi Amy!!!!!! Glad you stopped by! You sound chipper! Thanks for taking the time to cut and paste---I know it's time consuming..... It's pouring rain again here. Hawaii sounds SO good!

Raeanne- I was thinking. Next time you do a stillife, throw a bag of Cheetos on the side and save the life of a plum!

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BJ - you crack me up - but I think the Cheetos idea is actually a good one LOL.

Amy - I am glad you posted too. I thought you might like the plum story LOL.

NH Suzanne - can you recommend a good restaurant in Providence to celebrate DD's graduation - small group of 6 people. We have reservations for Al Forno's on Friday, but need a Saturday restaurant. I thought you might be able to help - we like all kinds of food, but I was thinking of a place on Federal Hill.

The art show was a huge hit. We got a full page write up in the paper and that drew a big crowd, it is open for 3 days. I am not sure how today went, but last night it was packed. I got to overhear people talk about how much they liked my landscape - that made me feel good. It was very strange to have people come up to me and say "so you are one of the artists", at first I was like, "well no, I am one of the students".

Have a great weekend.

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Happy Sunday Morning!

It is a glorious day here in the neighborhood. I am going to go out and hit some golf balls and then take my dog for a walk up the mountain.

Tomorrow we are off to Providence to pack up DD#2, so I won't be around.

Everyone have a great Memorial Day weekend.

Patti - sending special thoughts to Dave this weekend.

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BJ, Jen and anyone else crafty out there -
Is there such a thing as copper sheets that are thin enough to cut, but sturdy? I am going to make a pyramid box (small), but it has to be made out of copper. In the worse case, I guess I can glue copper foil (if that exists) to the outside of the box. Can you tell me a good website to look for materials like that?

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BJ, Jen and all - I found plenty of info on-line regarding the copper sheets. But if you have any experience using them and have some tips to share, I would be glad to hear about them. Thanks

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Raeanne~ Glad you found the info you needed. My experience with copper foil has only been carving and embossing, then a sulfer bath (for the copper, not me!), followed by a brushing with steel wool on the parts that were raised. Makes a very cool piece of artwork. The only bummer about working with soft metal is that once you bend it or stretch it, you can never go back, so work slowly and without distraction. Some day, I'd love to do that type of project again, but for now, I string beads.

Have a great Sunday! I gotta clean sweep my office!---it's ridiculously full of old, unloved projects and paper.

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Let's all hold good, positive thoughts for those who gave their all for us. My dad was a WW II veteran, who earned a purple heart; he was a brave, kind man, and I miss him.


Good MONDAY Morning!

All you guys are way too crafty for me. I still haven't got the hang of macaroni pictures!!

Gotta run out to Rag Shop to get some frames for pictures I bought on my cruise. Got a coupon off the 'net, so I'm going to get the Early Bird specials.

DH is working today, so I hope he gets home in time for us to do some special stuff together. Yesterday we had a great time at the BBQ. I played some odd basketball game with DH and 2 other couples, and I didn't do so badly for being 5'2"!! I came in 2nd behind one of the guys!!! We laughed over that one! I'm not too bad at free-throwing.

Gotta run and dry my hair.

Make this a GREAT DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Good Morning:

DeeMarie, I loved your message this morning. You could have been writing about my Dad, and I miss him also.

It is beautiful here today, and it was supposed to be raining. I went out on the boat yesterday and it is was nice, but sooooooooo windy. Today it is more yard work.

Speaking of being crafty, I am painting a pair of Dr. Scholls sandals for my sister for her birthday. I will ask Marci to post a picture when I am done. I hope they come out the way I have them pictured in my head! My craft projects have a way of looking completely different than what my original idea was!

Have a great day!

Love, Besh

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