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stir_fryiMay 14, 2009

My DH had the opportunity to join at work -- he needs to lose about 60lbs.

I could stand to lose 10lbs so I told him I'd help him and do it with him (without joining myself).

He tried about five years ago and instantly lost 10lbs -- then he just quit. The problem was I was doing all the point counting for him and making him special meals and I found it to be a real burden.

He thinks WW is too geared to women. If he joins, I really need him to learn the program and to live it -- not dump it on me to tell him what he can eat and how much. I have two young kids that I have to feed as well.

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I agree with you. It will never work until he takes ownership of it himself. Maybe he will be like me and wait until he develops diabetes or even something worse. I hope he's smarter than that.

He's lucky to have someone like you who cares.

I have no experience with Weight Watchers. I'm just doing it on my own. If he just needs a program to follow there are plenty of them on the internet. I would suggest he go to the USDA Mypyramid website and register, then start a daily journal. That would be a starting point.

Here is a link that might be useful: mypyramid

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There were men in all my WW groups I have been in. They seemed to enjoy themselves, moreso if they went as couples (we had a few couples join together, too).

And if it's motivation, their metabolism seemed to take to the WW eating plan better than mine did, losing weight way more rapidly than I did, for sure.

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There's a man in our church who lost well over a hundred pounds on WW and has kept it off for several years. He bikes like madman now that he's thin, though, but he still eats very carefully according to plan. But yes, he has to be ready to really do it for it to be successful. Are there other men at work with him who might do it to help encourage him along?

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We have a few men in our WW group - one just celebrated his 100 pound loss.

One good thing about signing up on the Monthly Pass (where the membership is automatically deducted from your checking account each month until you decide to cancel, is that you have free access to all of the WW stuff online, including tracking your foods and exercise, finding recipes, etc. That might be another way to keep your husband encouraged. Plus there are message boards where he can ask questions of other members or experts.

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Well, he joined. It took him a few days to get excited about it. Once he saw he can still eat somewhat "normal" food (just less of it) I think it helped.

I have been doing nothing but planning, shopping and cooking all week. I do now understand the convenience of "Nutrisystem" type plans where they prepare the food for you. I have spent a small fortune on groceries this week.

I really, really hope this works for him. I think it is a great program but I have heard that results can be slow because it is not a "diet" but a lifestyle change.

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stir fryi, congratulations to your husband for deciding to do something about his health. Men do seem to lose quicker than us - darn it - but that's a good thing for him. It does seem like the healthier one eats, the more expensive the groceries are! If we can help you with ideas on recipes or foods to prepare, let us know. It will get easier as time goes on.

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I also see that the healthier foods are never on sale.

Whenever Thomas's puts their english muffins on sale, for example, the sale NEVER includes the whole wheat.

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Well, he lost 3.2lbs the first week. Many, many more to go...

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