Upgrading Large Sony Stereo for smaller footprint stereo

susanlynn2012June 1, 2008

Questions: Is more wattage per channel better even in a small sized room if I plan to not blast the stereo and only want to listen to it when I get on my exercise machine that I want to start to use again? Is a Carousal for CD's better than a CD Shelf changer? Are some brands better than others?

I want to upgrade my Sony Stereo that has a 5 CD-Changer (Sony LBT-D590) that I bought 9.5 years ago and is in perfect shape to a stereo with the same great sound but one that is smaller in size. The more I look around and waste my time and the more research I do on the Internet, the more I think maybe I can live with the oversized speakers in my small room since the stereo I have is quality and looks nice. But, I really always felt it was too big and always wished I went with the other one 9.5 years ago that was $100 more but much smaller in size with the same great sound. Now is my chance but I do not want to sell it to get a piece of junk that is ugly.

My Stereo's speakers are almost 21" high (wish they were not so big) and the unit is about 17" in height. I love the 5-CD Carousal and the 10 Equalizer Presets and all the bells and whistles it has. I never really use the Cassette dual auto reverse player.

I have been looking for the past few days when I should be working ever since my friend offered to buy my system for $250 that I paid on sale $630. I see prices have gone down but so has the quality of the units in looks and cheap plastic parts I am finding out. I see a similar system that is just as big at PC Richards for around the same price still with more wattage than mine. Mine either has 100 or 200 watts per channel which is plenty loud for me.

The room I have is small. My friend says I have to have high wattage per chanel to get great sound at low volumes that I listen to. I would love a Micro System but I want at least a 3 CD Changer. I love the way my stereo is all black with finished backs on the speakers and a black netting classic covering on the speakers, If only my system was smaller in size.

I read great reviews of some systems and went out yesterday to look at them and they look so cheap with unfinished backs. The back of my stereo speakers is painted black and finished and not cheap looking.

I was thinking of the Sony MHC-EC77 (was all set to buy yesterday after reading the great reviews until I saw the unit in person) but it looks so young looking with the silver and black colors and not classy like my system. I am a young 46. I then thought maybe the JV MX-KX58 that is all black and less tall and wide than my unit but the depth of the main unit is over 19" so it will be I think too tight of a fit unless part of the width is the knob.

My unit has an 18" depth (from wall to front of unit).

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Have you thought about / need a "portable" boombox.

You'd have to hear this sound !

JVC Kaboom at Bestbuy, ect...

The new ones can play MP3 CD's if you know what that is.

Your computer can put about 200 songs onto a CD.

Or you can plug your MP3 player into the back audio connector.

Also available in white.

JVC Kaboom at Bestbuy

JVC Kaboom at Amazon

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Thank you regus for the information on the possibility of a boom box in white. I know I can download songs onto a CD but I still would like at least a 3-CD changer since I own a nice collecton of CD's and it would be easier for me. But this is an option that may be good for my home office downstairs.

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Someone on the decorating site suggested I change the speakers to be not so tall and wide which would make me happier. I guess I should bring the manual and go to an electronics store and ask someone to help me?

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regus thank you for the suggestion of a boom box since I am thinking it may be a good idea for that room or even for my home office room.

I decided to look again for a smaller stereo for my spare bedoom since I just don't like having my stereo take up so much room and it looks like a pair of nice speakers are costly anyway and then have to be compatible with my system.

Does anyone have an opinion on the five "stereo's" I narrowed my search down to so I can back to focusing on getting my work done at night instead of researching? There have less power than I had been looking at but they are the size I want and have decent reviews.

Sony MP3 CD Boombox, Model ZSSN10S $79.99 in black and silver. Has very good ratings especially with radio reception and I like the way it looks.

Sony ZS-S2iP Boombox for the iPod (white) that is pretty and maybe in the future I could buy an iPod for $89.95

Onkyo MC35Tech Executive Shelf System with 3 CD Changer. Has very good ratings of the sound quality despite only 20 watts per channel and 70 watts per the speakers. I like the way they look, their small micro size and maybe the $319.99 price is worth it? They have an attachment for an iPod and play MP3 files, etc.

Then there is the JVC DVD Micro Componenet System in either the JVC UXg50 discontinued model selling by some places for $129.99 that plays 5 CD's and is very compact also with 240 watts of power and decent reviews or the JVC UXg70 that is the newer model with reviews not as good but good that also plays 5 CD's.

I can place links in a posting if anyone wants to help me. I have so much work to do and I guess getting that dresser for that spare room and trying to make it look nice is having me really want a smaller stereo.

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I'd suggest that you actually go see/feel the knobs/controls and listen to the sound of anything you're going to buy...

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regus_Patoff, you were SO right. My 3-CD Onkya arrived damaged yesterday. I was not able to hear the sound since nothing worked on it but I could see I did not like the style nor the FM wire. I am going to go with Yamaha instead and will report back. I wish I could start over again and have just driven to NYC to test the units I liked the specs of since I wasted so much time obsessing on what I read about reviews when I see it matters most what I feel about the look, the size and most of all how the stereo sounds.

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I like all your choices but haven't had time to research them all. The best advice given in this thread is to get out and kick the tires on a few systems. Then, buy it online to save $$$

Here is a link that might be useful: Discount Electronics Store

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I ended up buying the YAM MCRE810SL Yamaha 2.1 CD/DVD Receiver Micro Component Audio System. It arrived yesterday. I am very pleased with no particle broad on the speakers and great sounds along with the great looks!

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