Re-Matching a design I have already split

slgriffinDecember 13, 2007

I have a Brother SE-270D with the big hoop (the one with 3 positions). I have Embird and I have the PED card writer thing. I can split my design fine and put it on the card and everything. My problem is that I have a really hard time matching the design when I go to embroider the second part. So these are my thoughts:

1. Even if I choose the bigger hoop in the PED software, it won't read the card (says it isn't valid) unless I transfer the designs over with the small hoop selected. Is this correct?

2. When I split, am I supposed to have the parts automatically centered?

3. I go from position one to position 3 when I switch the hoop. Position one fills up the "active" area. When I switch to the second position, it is centered and doesn't fill the entire area. I try to line it up by eye, and sometimes it is offset by a centimeter or less, and sometimes by much more. If it filled up the screen completely, I would imagine that I would have no way to shift it to match.

I figure that there HAS to be a standard way to do this that I'm just not getting. I'm a scientist and I need a protocol! Please help me!!

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