TV above fireplace wire question

dogwoman24June 12, 2009

Hi All,

We purchased a 55 inch Samsung(6000). I wanted to have it mounted above the fireplace. The reason I choose that spot is because our living room furniture has not been moved around since we moved in (6 years ago). The room is chopped up with the fireplace taking up a wall. The TV over the fireplace will be an ideal solution for us. I read the pros and cons, such as looking up to view, not using both together, etc... My problem is, the Sears installer (who cost $400 lol) says the wires have to be put in a plastic track cover from the TV across the fireplace. IMO that will look tacky. The reason they say it can't be hidden (they actually call that hidden yuck) is because our fireplace is wood burning and because we live in Florida the wall is block. There are no studs, just concrete block then granite bricks. They can hang the TV by drilling into the mortar joints. But then they have no where to conceal the wires. I have the TV and wall mount here but I'm extremely apprehensive about a plastic sleeve running from the TV across half of the fireplace. Any suggestions?

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You're just going to have to live with it. Even if you spent the money to come up with a "prettier" solution, you would be in trouble if you ever needed to make any changes to the wiring, or wanted to add another wire.

I'm sure that if you started chopping out blocks around a fireplace, you would need to have the work inspected anyway, since it could potentially pose a health risk.

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Thank you for replying :)

Even if we could, taking out blocks wouldn't really help. The wall is block, the fireplace butts right up to the wall. I understand the installers have limited options but I would rather return the TV then live with an ugly wire cover going across the front of the fireplace.
We may be able to drill through the wall to outside. But that would take a lot of wire and I'm not sure it's feasible.

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I might have to see a picture of the area in question, but is there a way to put some kind of faux finish on the track to cover it up? Or maybe since you can't put the wires inside the wall, maybe bring the surface out to cover the wires? I'm probably not even explaining myself right...

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We have a similar situation & our stone fireplace w gaslog does not have a mantel. We are thinking of anchoring a hollowed out mantel below the 52" tv to cover wires that will run to the side of the fireplace to connect to electrical power & cable. I am looking for someone who has done this.

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Hi there,

We're from the UK.

For those who don't fancy taking the DIY route, mounting a TV over fireplace is one of the services we provide.

We're hidden cable experts; experienced, qualified and insured.

Check our website for more info.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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